BMW XM Forged Carbon Body Kit Adds Even More Spice in Sao Paulo Yellow CGI

The BMW XM hybrid super-SUV is a big deal—for one, this polarizing-look high-rider is the first in-house project of BMW’s Motorsport division since the M1 supercar introduced in 1978. Production of the XM will commence at BMW’s Spartanburg plant this December, while the first (global) deliveries are scheduled for spring 2023. And don’t think that the unusual look of the XM means tuners will leave the Bimmer in factory trim. Even with the vehicle still being a fresh arrival, we’ve brought along a digital proposal for a BMW XM body kit featuring carbon parts.

When you think about it, super-SUVs don’t just cannibalize performance sedans and wagons—hey, did you know BMW is building a wagon version of the next M5? Instead, as unusual as this may sound to old-school aficionados, certain buyers who are more interested in the overall experience and the latest gadgets rather than the sheer driving focus may pick a super-SUV over a supercar, at least if they’re not in the position of owning/leasing both.

So the fact that aftermarket developers are targeting the XM flagship this early shouldn’t come as a surprise. For now, we’re looking at a rendering portraying the said XM body kit with forged carbon bits.

Nevertheless, the CGI which comes from an artist known as @ildar_project on Instagram, portrays the said aero while tagging Cfa Carbon. The latter has already built various body kits and carbon parts for BMW models, as well as for the Ducatti Diavel 1260, so we can at least assume that the specialist is considering an XM body kit.

Take the already-quirky BMW XM and add forged carbon parts for an all-extrovert look

The kit involves a front splitter with three distinct areas, side skirt extensions, and fender flares, along with a rear diffuser and a pair of spoilers, one for the hatch and one for the roof. That diffuser seems to be the boldest part of the package—somehow, it reminds us of the Lamborghini Urus, one of the main targets BMW M had in mind when crafting the XM.

However, the high-rider is also portrayed with other carbon trim pieces (e.g., front fascia, door mirror caps, etc.), while also sporting color/texture-coded hood stripes and a roof wrap. Plus, the super-sized rolling hardware on the BMW “comes” from Vissol Wheels.

A real-world view of the BMW XM

As mentioned in the title, the hue selected for this supposed 2D preview of the XM carbon body kit is Sao Paulo yellow. This is not among the launch shades (it will join the range, together with Isle of Man Green in the summer of 2023).

Even so, a Sao Paulo-dressed XM was recently showcased in South Carolina, where BMW of North America held a range of events included in the M Anniversary Celebrations. This was a proper occasion for the XM, as well as the even-newer 2023 BMW M2 G87 (in Zandvoort Blue) to show us their real-world face. And, thanks to Cole Marzen (aka cmarzen_209), you can check this out in the second Insta post below.



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