ADRO Tesla Model 3 Widebody Kicks It Up a Notch for $5,500

If you’re into aero tuning, you may be familiar with the work of a developer called “Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization”. If you’re not, the ADRO Tesla Model 3 Widebody wants to change that.

Last summer, ADRO launched its carbon body kit (factory-width) for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. And with these EVs selling like hotcakes around the world, it’s no wonder the tuner followed up with this development for 2023.

ADRO’s Tesla Model 3 widebody is partially made of carbon

The generously-sized overfenders of the Model 3, which follow the body lines before injecting extra aggression, are the only element made from fiberglass. The rest of the kit is carbon, consisting of a front lip, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and an optional swan neck rear wing. That lip is more aggressive than the one included in the said factory-width kit. We can say the same about the side skirts, which pack large elements up front to match those on the sides of the front lip.

As for the widebody’s diffuser, this looks like a combination of the two versions ADRO released last year. Then there’s the carbon swan neck-mount wing, which is unchanged from 2022. Then again, those preferring a more subtle approach for the posterior can go for ADRO’s two trunk lid spoilers: V1 draws a continuous line from one side of the trunk lid to the other, while V2 sports enlarged side areas.

For the time being, ADRO released a set of renderings showcasing the Tesla Model 3 widebody, which await you in the gallery below. The lowered ride height, which is usually the result of air suspension, and the rose gold-look big wheels add to the custom look of the Tesla. And this is what you’ll find on many builds once the package enters production—not this six-wheeled Tesla Model D made by Rich Rebuilds, though.

As for the aerodynamic efficiency of the ADRO Model 3 Widebody, we expect this to have been CFD-tested (computational fluid dynamics), as it’s been the case with their factory-width Model 3 body kit and their BMW M4 carbon widebody revising that opinion-splitting kidney grille of the G8X generation.

The pricing

ADRO’s Tesla Model 3 partial carbon widebody costs $5,500 plus shipping. And this complete form is the only one offered, at least for now, as opposed to the factory-width kit, where parts can also be had individually. As for the carbon fiber swan neck wing, this is priced at $3,450.

To be more specific, ADRO is currently taking $500 non-refundable deposits for the widebody kit, stating that the first deliveries will take place at the end of February 2024.

Who knows? Maybe by next year, we’ll also get an ADRO Tesla Model Y Widebody, so electric crossover fans can have their thing.



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