825 HP Shelby Super Wagon Unofficially Says Goodbye to Sixth-Gen Mustang

With the 2024, seventh-gen Ford Mustang set to debut this Wednesday (September 14, 2022), it’s been all but confirmed that the generation change will keep the Coyote V8 and EcoBoost turbo-four in office. And while that’s enough of a reason to celebrate, we’ll never refuse a proper send-off for the sixth-gen Mustang, even if it comes as a rendering. Case in point with the Shelby Super Wagon, which digitally honors the departing pony with the added real estate it never got in the real world.

The idea of a Mustang wagon has been around as long as the pony itself. And while the Blue Oval has experimented with two-door ‘Stang Wagon prototypes back in the mid-and late-1960s, the idea never made it into showrooms.

Over the years, though, there have been multiple conversions, especially for first-gen Mustangs, albeit with all of these coming from the aftermarket community.

Given all of the above, enthusiasts’ thirst for a Mustang Wagon has been left partially unquenched… until a few years ago. That’s when digital artists started coming up with all sorts of renderings portraying family-friendly ponies. And thanks to the imminent the generation change, this fresh pixel portrait makes full sense.

A wagon based on the Shelby Super Snake

Graphic designer Jim (aka jlord8) looked to Shelby American for this rendering. Part of the late Carroll Shelby’s legacy, the company prefers to beef up Mustangs (and other American machines) in the real world, with its most recent effort, the track-only GT500 Code Red, churning out up to 1,300 horsepower.

Nevertheless, Jim envisions his creation, which is labeled Shelby Super Wagon, as a body type transformation above all else. Sure, the pixel stunt borrows its greenhouse and side mirrors from the contemporary Audi RS4, but the result is a sight for sore eyes.

Keep in mind that the virtual Super Wagon is based on the Shelby Super Snake—the Super Snake is way more than a Mustang GT supercharged to 825 hp—not the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. And the Super Snake’s optional widebody, in combination with the estate looks, makes for a guaranteed crowd magnet.

There’s no point in discussing an official Mustang wagon, as this is a segment that has almost entirely been cannibalized by SUVs, especially in North America.

However, all the attention these renderings enjoy might inspire an eccentric builder out there to grace the SEMA floor with such a project. After all, the Ford crew has to stand up to all those Mopar wagon builds revolving around the departed Dodge Magnum.



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