2024 Tesla Model 3 GT: Project Highland Wagon Gets Rendered to Attract Europeans

22% of all new cars sold in Europe this year are electric, with demand for EVs doubling or tripling in some countries. The Model Y is also the continent’s highest-selling car of the year so far, with 169,420 sold until the end of August. However, the Model 3 sedan just received important updates which could make it even more attractive.

The so-called Project Highland is the updated 2024 Tesla Model 3, which brings a streamlined exterior for better aerodynamics, better sound insulation, and increased range. However, some still argue Tesla needs to adapt its designs to better suit European demands.

Even with the rapid growth of crossovers, some European customers still want a wagon. The “estate” body has come to represent an anti-statement and still holds value with traditional German brands. For example, VW just released a new Passat as a wagon-only, while BMW is preparing an M5 Touring with an amazing hybrid V8.

If you want an electric wagon, there isn’t really a lot of choice out there. However, VW is preparing for the launch of the ID.7, based on the Space Vizzion concept. And BMW will have the i5 Touring electric model soon, probably in early 2024.

A quick and easy upgrade to the Model 3 could turn Project Highlander into yet another success for Tesla in Europe. This is the 2024 Tesla Model 3 GT, a 3D model of a car envisioned by artist Sugar Design. It’s not a sedan or a wagon, but it does improve the aesthetics of Tesla’s tear-dropped shape. The GT has a shorter rear overhang than a wagon, but the roof does have a wagon-like slope in the shooting brake style.

There have been a few production cars designed like this. A modern example of this would be the Kia Forte5 GT or the Mazda3.

We do think Tesla could benefit from having a wider variety of body styles, even based on the same cars. Ever since the days of the 65 Mustang, people have loved having choices to set their vehicles apart. And the GT does presumably have a slightly better cargo room.

Right now, if you want a Model 3 but with a hatchback, you buy the Model Y. But the Y doesn’t look like a real SUV, and at some point, competition from other automakers should force Tesla to adapt its range.

The only thing we don’t love about the 3 GT is the name. After all, it’s not a Grand Tourer. Instead, it needs to be something simple like 3W for wagon. And a real cargo space benefit needs to exist if people are expected to pay extra.



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