2024 Mercedes E-Class Presents New Mid-Size Luxury Look in Unofficial Rendering

Despite offering an increasing number of SUVs, crossovers, and EVs, German automakers are still developing traditional luxury sedans. The 2024 Mercedes E-Class is a next-gen vehicle, and it’s about to take on the A6 and 5 Series using the lessons learned from its big brother, the S-Class.

Codenamed the W214, this new sedan was recently spotted undergoing testing at the famous Nurburgring race track. It’s only the latest sighting, and based on the level of prototype camouflage, this E-Class sedan will debut next year as a 2024 model (in America).

The current Mercedes model lineup is almost unrecognizable, with models such as the EQE 53 that people may not even know about yet. However, the 2024 E-Class is pleasingly familiar. Developed from the MRA2 platform, this is a traditional luxury sedan with a classic shape and plenty of styling elements borrowed from the S-Class and C-Class.

Helping us set the three apart is this set of digital images from Kolesa, which preview the upcoming design using information from spy photos. The best way to tell them apart is by looking at the headlights, where the W214 E-Class has unique LED halos at the bottom.

From the back, it looks a lot like the outgoing model, with triangular taillights. Of course, some nice modern upgrades have been made, such as the flush door mirrors, but that side crease reminds us of the W212 generation. It’s actually pretty boring. But thankfully, Mercedes is bringing the CLE-Class, which might be the super-classy coupe alternative to this sedan.

Inside, we expect the E-Class to share elements with its two sedan brothers. Namely, the 11.9-inch display from the C-Class will be standard. Optionally, the 12.9-inch OLED with haptic feedback will trickle down from the S-Class flagship. 3D digital instruments will be available as should the latest semi-autonomous driving system.

Unlike BMW, which uses the same car as both an EV and ICE (i4/4 Series, i7/7 Series), the E-Class will be exclusively powered by combustion engines. However, all of them will feature the 48-volt mild-hybrid system, while some will be plug-ins. If you want more than about 300 hp, it’s going to have e-motors, which is very Volvo of them.

Mercedes-AMG currently sells something called the E63 Final Edition, and we believe that indicates the end of the V8 era. It’s pretty sad, and its replacement might not even be a six-cylinder, although it’s too early to tell. The most advanced four-cylinder is going into the C63 replacement and it’s been confirmed to have upwards of 600 hp using F1 hybrid technology.



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