2024 Dodge Charger EV Turned into Magnum Banshee 2-Door Wagon in YouTube Rendering

With the recent debut of the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT, we’re not only entering a new era of American muscle cars but also of muscle car renderings. EVs are now the name of the game, and it’s fun to imagine what the Charger would look like as a 2-door wagon.

It’s nice to have the Charger finally returning as a coupe instead of a sedan. But honestly, both models were prime targets for renderings. Sometimes, those things also became a reality, as was the case with the Charger wagon created by Junkyard Dave, complete with widebody, AWD and Hellcat motor.

Over the past decade or so, the internet has been inundated with Challenger wagons as well. “Shooting brake” is what we journalists like to call them, even though muscle cars have nothing to do with the world of hunting.

It’s only natural that fans of rendering artists called for a 2024 Charger wagon. And while this has already been executed, we couldn’t help sharing the image put together by TheSketchMoney simply because it’s a process captured on YouTube video.

As he mentions in the video, TheSketchMonkey has made wagons out of both the Charger and the Challenger, one of them featuring an¬†Alexandra¬†Daddario cameo. Ignore the fact that it’s electric and the 2024 Charger-to-Magnum transition is the same.

A longer roof makes the Dodge look elegant. But while we’re fans of this type of rendering, we don’t agree with the people saying the company would sell millions of such cars if they were made. Firstly, the Magnum wagon wasn’t a huge success. And second, this transformation creates more problems than it solves.

Sure, it’s interesting, something that the Mustang and Camaro don’t have. But the EV transition already puts Dodge at the head of the pack. Also, this type of wagon design is less European exotic and more flower delivery van.

If it’s practicality you’re after, the Charger EV already has that covered because it’s a liftback with a huge opening at the back. by extending the roof like that, you’re asking for extra blindspots. And if a bigger trunk is what you need, why not ask Dodge to immediately start developing a Durango SRT Banshee or something like that?

The company CEO said three core powertrains will be available on the Charger muscle EV, the AWD Banshee being the most powerful. Numbers aren’t available right now, but the bravest of speculators suggest this successor to the Hellcat makes about 800 hp.

If there are so many powertrains, Dodge is bound to have more EV models, and a crossover should be among them, one which could share parts with the Chrysler Airflow.



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