2024 Dodge Charger Body Leak Shows Engine Bay and Transmission Tunnel: Not an EV?

Here are some photos Dodge definitely doesn’t want you to see. They show some prototype body shells for the upcoming Charger, which is coming out next year. Although the Daytona SRT EV clearly spelled out the end of Hemi engines and ICE in general, these images suggest the car has room for conventional engine and transmission.

These three photos have been leaked all over Dodge forums, and although their source is unknown, it’s pretty clear what we’re dealing with. These are the body shells of the all-new 2024 Dodge Charger, as previewed a year ago by the super-sexy concept. It has the same liftback design for the roof and the liftback opening which no other muscle car offers.

We believe that the photos were taken at the Windsor Assembly Plant, which is currently being retooled for the new 2024 models and the STLA Large platform.

2024 Charger transmission tunnel and engine bay

The front view of the chassis reveals a gaping engine bay big enough for a V8 and a transmission tunnel. Dodge’s CEO Tim Kuniskis has previously stated a conventional engine could be fitted to the 2024 Charger but “We’re certainly not launching with anything like that. We’re launching with full battery electric.”

We know that on the Daytona EV, that tunnel is used by the pipes and special membranes of the fake exhaust system. Dodge officials have compared this to a pipe organ at a Church. Bon on the ICE model, people are saying the transmission tunnel is a little small, which could hint at major powertrain changes.

Whether or not they will launch with a V8 or inline-6 is not important. These photos just prove the 2024 Charger was designed from the start as a regular muscle car, not an EV. A Tesla or any other kind of purpose-built EV would have a completely flat floor almost to the front of the car. No transmission tunnel and certainly no huge engine bay.

The prototype bodies also have fuel filler cap openings on the left side, although they could work as charging ports on the EV. It makes sense to have a charging port on the driver’s side if Dodge wants to use Tesla’s supercharger system and their NACS ports.

People have also pointed out that a B-pillar has been added, enough though the frameless design of the Banshee was so popular.

What engines will the Charger use?

The most likely powertrain for the 2024 or 2025 Charger is the 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-6. It’s currently fitted to the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and the Ram TRX has recently been spied testing with it under the hood.

Moreover, we could be dealing with a plug-in hybrid or at least a hybrid version of the Stellantis Hurricane engine. This would not only make more than the existing 510 horsepower but it might also do away with the traditional transmission.

Based on the information we have at the moment, the first Chargers are supposed to roll off the line in December 2023, but they could be delayed by the union strikes. These are the LB29 models, which are 2-door Charger fastbacks with a 400-volt EV powertrain. The factory will then be shut down and production will begin in February for the LB49 4-door models using the same low-tier EV powertrains.

The LB29 ICE cars with the Hurricane engine will be produced in April 2024. From what we’ve heard, Dodge is trying to get the Hemi re-certified as a hybrid, so keep your fingers crossed. The crazy Banshee SRT model is currently scheduled for November 2024, and it will debut air suspension with a drag mode like Tesla’s Cheetah.



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