Dodge Charger Sedan Digitally Morphs into the 1969 Charger, Front End Is Beautifully Boxy

The modern-day Dodge Charger and Challenger are on their way out, as Detroit is gearing up for the big electric revolution. And while we’re glad muscle cars still have a place in the world of Teslas, thanks to the Banshee, one thing still bugs some people: why does the Charger have four doors?

To highlight the differences between the classic muscle car and today’s model, or perhaps just to have a bit of fun, YouTuber TheSketchMonkey has rendered a mix of 1969 and post-2017 models. Specifically, it looks like the 2017 Daytona 392 model received all the brute front-end design of its distant cousin.

Don’t laugh; because this happens more often than you think in the automotive world. It’s called retromodding. You know, as in the opposite of restomodding. This time, you keep the modern platform and add the old-fashioned design we’ve all grown to respect.

In the real world, that usually means taking a Challenger Hellcat and swapping on some Charger-like elements from the 60s, even ones made completely of carbon fiber.

We’re not sure if anybody is ever going to make a project car like this. Probably not, despite the obvious curb appeal. There’s this running joke that 4-door sedans are parts cars, even though Chargers are respected as muscle vehicles despite having twice the door openings.

But anyway, to make this rendering happen, TheSketchMonkey takes the 69 Charger front end and adapts it to the 2017 (and later) Charger. The hidden headlights and long rectangular chrome grille are kept, but they’re integrated into a modern plastic bumper. Also, the fog lights are adapted to look more square.

The hood and chin spoiler has to be massaged into shape so they fit this almost square front end. I think it’s safe to assume that if Dodge made this as a special edition, people would go nuts. Alternatively, somebody mike makes an aftermarket kit, like those Daytona nose cones for the Challenger.

The final touches of this rendering project include lowering the suspension and offering up some complex 3-piece HRE alloy wheels which make this look less like a normal Charger and more like an expensive SEMA Show car.



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