2024 Chevrolet Camaro EV Unofficial Concept Flexes e-Muscle and NASCAR Traits

Now that the production 2024 Ford Mustang has joined the recent Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV concept, we can get a more complete look at the muscle car scenery, at least for this decade. Nevertheless, one massive piece of the Detroit puzzle is still missing and we’re looking at you, GM. The 2024 Chevrolet Camaro, which is presented here in an artist’s rendering, is a topic that the automaker continues to steer clear of.

Given the total lack of official information on the future of the Camaro, it’s only natural for the digital art community to fill the void. However, it’s worth mentioning that this render stands out from the crowd and there are multiple reasons to get excited.

For starters, digital artist Shashank Das (aka sdesyn), skipped the usual pixel route involving borrowing a familiar face from one of Chevy’s growing EV range. Instead, the digital wizard started with the 2022 NASCAR Camaro, a project that remains one of the last sources for us dreamers—why would Chevy introduce a fresh race car for the all-new generation of NASCAR machines if they plan to axe the street car altogether?

Dubbed Camaro Concept E by the artist, the 3D work features enough fresh details to count as an all-new Camaro generation. And if you’re not on board with this, please take a look at the limited differences between the 2024 Mustang and the model it replaces.

To battle Dodge and its explosive muscle car releases for 2023 (ICE) and 2024 (EV), the Camaro Concept E mixes a full carbon body with high-tier details like OLED taillights. As for those tips at the back, the pixel master explains these are hot air exhausts for the battery pack, so you can make of that what you will.

Having covered this digital eye candy, it’s time to see what are the most likely scenarios for the future of the Camaro.

The current muscle car landscape

At least based on what’s been presented up to this point, the Blue Oval and the Mopar people have opposite approaches. Sure, both the Dodge Charger EV, which is set to enter production in 2024, and the seventh-gen Mustang mix retro-inspired exteriors with all-new cabins featuring massive tablet-style dual screens.

But whereas the Dodge relies solely on battery power (Banshee in Mopar talk), at least for now, the 2024 Mustang comes with updated versions of its predecessor’s Coyote 5.0L N/A V8 and EcoBoost 2.3L turbo-four.

What about the future of the Chevrolet Camaro? Gen VII scenarios explained

As for Chevrolet, the rumors of the Camaro’s retirement have been around for a few years now, with GM having done nothing to quash them. And while the retiring Gen VI Mustang did get a bit of design controversy, the last two facelifts of the Camaro SS were nothing short of opinion splitters in terms of aesthetics.

Of course, the worst possible setup would involve the retirement of the Camaro, even though throwing away the heritage of a 1967-born icon doesn’t appear to be a reasonable business decision, not to mention the enthusiast community implications.

Nevertheless, Chevrolet could always go after Dodge. As such the Golden Bowtie may use its versatile Ultium electric platform for an e-muscle, the kind of term we see more and more often nowadays.

Of course, Chevy could also follow Ford’s path and challenge the 2024 Mustang with a combustion-powered Gen VII Camaro that would be an evolution of the current car. Nevertheless, with a 2020 teaser having sparked rumors about the Camaro becoming an electric sedan—Ford also included a Mustang sedan in the official sketches of the 2024 ‘Stang—this possibility remains open.



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