2024 BMW X5 M Reveals Big Kidney Grille Changes in Accurate Rendering

German automakers are almost constantly changing their designs, and a popular performance SUV is next to go under the knife. We’re talking about the upcoming debut of the 2024 BMW X5 M, an otherwise minor facelift were it not for the reshaping of the grille.

The X5 M has just been spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring earlier this week, wearing substantially less camouflage than in previous sightings. This allows us to see the design of its updated front end and resulted in a pair of renderings from the website Kolesa.

The X5 M has been around since 2010 during which time it has always been powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine, incrementally increasing its output from 550 hp to 615 hp (Competition Pack). The current generation is called the G05 and has been in production since 2019, hence the need for a refresh.

Here’s what’s changing

BMW facelifts have been hit-and-miss lately, but this looks like a good one. Even though they’re quite iconic, the square-shaped grilles of the outgoing model are being replaced by double pentagon shapes (5 corners). It’s a little like the M240i, but taller.

Also, you may notice that the bars in the grille are now horizontal instead of vertical. That’s different from basically every BMW… ever. We want to emphasize that while these are renderings, what they’re showing is 100% accurate.

Another upgrade: the headlights. We don’t know for sure if this is the case, but it seems X5 models will get the same kind of halo as the new 3 Series. it doesn’t look bad at all

Over at the rear, this performance monster will receive updated taillights and a new diffuser. These aren’t major updates, but they will make it recognizable to BMW fans.

When is the new X5 M coming?

Well, given the lack of camouflage, it’s reasonable to expect that the debut is close. However, the 2023 BMW X5 M is already on sale in America and has the old model’s look. So we presume the new model will be ready for Spring 2023. By the way, Car & Drive gave the 2023 model an 8.5/10 score for its powerful brakes and “Holy S*!#” performance.

While the engine displacement will be the same at 4.4 liters. However, BMW is replacing the old S63 with the new S68 generation, the same one going into the XM flagship (but not a plug-in). It shares very little with its predecessor and will boast new turbos and the first electric VANOS system (previously oil pressure-powered). Like Audi/Porsche’s V8, this is now a 48-volt mild-hybrid as well. The small electric motor has been integrated into the transmission, which is a new ZF 8-speed.

The standard power output will be 617 hp or higher, with the base 600 hp model being deleted.



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