2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Gets 1963 Retro Redesign in YouTube Rendering Video

The all-new 2023 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are by no means disappointing. However, we often wonder what they’d look like with lines inspired by the classic models that Jeep offered from 1963, the ones with giant metal bumpers and woodgrain trim.

The recently revealed aftermarket woodgrain appearance package was a nice fix. However, one YouTuber wants to go all the way, pushing back the decades. We’re talking about TheSketchMonkey, who did a retro redesign of the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the kind of content that made him famous three years ago.

The rendering is inspired by the first-generation SJ family of Wagoneer models, which came out in 1962 and stayed largely the same for 29 years. So this retro redesign is like jumping from AM radio straight into Apple CarPlay.

A few things are similar between the SUVs, which are separated by 60 years. They both have relatively flat sides with tall, rectangular windows. The Sketch Monkey changed a few profile lines and moved the door handles. However, the major upgrade is at the front.

An old wagon-style grille is directly photoshopped onto the 2023 Grand Wagoneer. However, this is mostly used as a blueprint, as most of the chrome gets turned into black grille trim. Only the headlights get to keep their shiny trim, but are converted with restomod-style LEDs.

What’s cooler a 1963 or a 2023 Wagoneer?

The artist also chose to replicate the original wheel design and the white stripe tires but enlarged everything, which is again something restomods do. The only other major change is black trim, wrapping around the skirts and fenders.

Almost all Jeeps have a heavy dose of retro styling, especially the Wrangler. But that’s not really the case with the Wagoneers. Just like the Grand Cherokee, this is affected by the highly competitive premium SUV market, where automakers have to follow trends.

But the Jeep rendering community always disagrees. For example, back in February, wb.artist20 did a retro restyle of the Jeep Cherokee. It’s hard to say where nostalgia for old cars needs to end for the sake of sales in the modern market. You could argue the Ford Bronco is successful partly because it’s retro. But old-fashioned designs and tech are what killed many of these super-large SUVs in the first place (both the Bronco and Wagoneer are reboots).



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