2023 BMW M2 (G87) CSL Unofficially Adds Carbon to the Minecraft Look

The all-too-revealing recent leaks showcasing the 2023 BMW M2 (G87) had many effects, one of which involves putting even more pressure on the newcomer as far as the driving experience goes. And while BMW is expected to introduce the second-generation M2 on October 11, this will be joined by even more focused releases further down the line. So, how about a G87 BMW M2 CSL? This rumored iteration of the compact coupe now sits before us in 3D form thanks to the efforts of an independent digital artist.

It’s not like the camouflage covering the plethora of 2023 M2 prototypes was that serious. Still, once everybody laid eyes on the machine thanks to the said leak, the ever-growing camp that complains about new-age BMW designs simply not being easy on the eyes just got a lot of recruits.

So, while enthusiasts were already building sky-high expectations for the smallest model in the BMW M range, the controversial looks of the new M2 means this can get nothing wrong in the driving department. And it probably won’t, at least if the retiring first-gen M2 is any indication—in this age of BWM M standalone SUVs and larger models, the outgoing M2’s driving experience is a brilliant throwback to the legendary models that built the reputation of the Motorsport division.

The retiring M2 had its standard and Competition models joined by an M2 CS, but not CSL

The current car can be had in standard or Competition trim. These were joined by the US-only M2 Performance Edition and, more notably, the M2 CS, with this Clubsport model being ready for any task out on the track while retaining its number plates.

As for the second-generation, G87-codenamed M2, its maker will certainly wish to further distill the pure spirit of the vehicle later in the life cycle, which is typically when more hardcore iterations are launched. And with BMW M4 making use of the CSL moniker these days (e.g. 2023 M4 CSL, upcoming 3.0 CSL special), the radical-treatment badge may find its way onto the boot lid of the new M2.

This rendering portrays the rumored G87 M2 CSL

Based on the unofficial details above, mechanical engineer and automotive CAD designer Taehee Tim Lee (aka timthespy) rendered a G87 M2 CSL for us to behold—have you seen his 3D S650 Mustang twin-turbo?

Now, in Bimmer talk, CSL stands for Competition, Sport, Lightweight, with the models fortunate enough to receive such a treatment being put on a serious carbon fiber diet. And while elements like the exposed carbon roof can’t express the full rage of the transformation alone, this is also translated into the reworked body elements.

The pixel-upgraded CSL bits for the second-gen M2 include the front and rear bumper, side skirts, and the ducktail rear spoiler. We mustn’t overlook the wheels, badging (rear plus side fenders), as well as the BMW classic Motorsport roundels present across the vehicle.

The 2023 M2’s twin-turbo L6, xDrive AWD and RWD, manual and automatic

Rendering aside, we know the second-gen M2 will borrow the S58 twin-turbo 3.0L straight-six from the X3 M/X4 M and M3/M4 (by the way, have you seen this X3 M “Trans Am” build?). However, at least for the least fiery model in the lineup, the engine will pack 453 hp, thus being slightly detuned compared to the 473 hp version employed by the other models we mentioned. A six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic will be offered, while customers will also get to choose between RWD and xDrive AWD.

And while go-faster versions like the CSL are probably a few years away, it shouldn’t take long before BMW releases M Performance Parts for the 2023 M2. Nevertheless, with that hardware sometimes involving polarizing looks, we can only wonder if it will add fuel to the fire started by the design of the G87 M2.

Update: Here’s is the 2023 BMW M2 G87 in its full, RWD-only glory.



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