2023 AMC Gremlin EV Revives Lost Chrysler Brand on STLA Small Platform in YouTube Artist Render

With the electric revolution now fully upon us, names like Tesla or even younger ones such as Lucid or Rivian have shown new players don’t necessarily have to fret over the heritage of big brands. Even so, established automakers can use their DNA to attract customers, with Detroit’s Big Three having already demonstrated this. And since one of the most impressive ways to do it involves bringing back dormant names, how about a 2023 AMC Gremlin EV revival from Stellantis, Chrysler’s current parent company?

Independent digital artist Marouane Brembli (aka The Sketch Monkey) is well aware of the AMC Gremlin’s potential, which is why he came up with a rendering portraying a revival of the American compact, which was built between 1970 and 1983. However, before we zoom in on his work, let’s see how this could find its way into the real world.

An all-new Gremlin sounds like a good idea, albeit probably without that AMC label

Bringing back the AMC marque may seem highly desirable for those who grew up with it, since the underdog role (as opposed to Chrysler, Ford, and GM) meant the company used to come up with original efforts that stood out, like the 1977 AM Van concept that was recently listed at an auction.

However, reviving the brand altogether may not be feasible. For starters, the AMC (American Motors Corporation) became the Jeep Eagler Corporation back in 1988 and was absorbed into owner Chrysler two years later, so the younger generations are not that familiar with the name.

Then there’s the fact that Stellantis already runs 16 brands—not all of them are present in every market—and adding another doesn’t seem to make financial sense.

So, while Volkswagen is bringing back the International SUV and truck brand as an all-American, all-electric effort via a new Scout that will rival the Bronco by 2026, expecting Stellantis to do the same seems like a stretch.

However, the Gremlin could always come back as a Dodge or a Chrysler, even if that would probably involve at least a partial crossover presence.

Stellantis already has the EV platforms for it

Technically, a new Gremlin could ride on the STLA small platform serving the first-ever battery-powered Jeep, namely the Old Continent-destined Avenger. The architecture can accommodate battery packs with capacities between 17 and 82 kWh and offer up to 300 miles (500 km) per charge.

And, as far as the design is concerned, the quirky look of the Gremlin would ensure the new product gets all the attention it needs.

Of course, if we get back to the original Gremlin, we’ll notice the unusual design was a way to keep development costs under control and a perfect example of the said AMC underdog M.O.

The generous front hood and overhang of the Gremlin contrasted with its stubby rear section, with the latter also featuring a 45-degree slant. This was the result of the compact being built by essentially chopping the posterior off a Hornet.

And while the odd appearance of the AMC wasn’t for everybody, the Gremlin did manage to convince 671,500 customers before passing the torch to the AMC Spirit in 1983, which made for a somewhat successful tenure.

Nevertheless, these things are now fairly valuable classics. Plus, the Gremlin was a regular car with certain performance ambitions rather than a bona fide muscle machine like some of AMC’s other offerings. So, if this were to return as an EV, it wouldn’t face the same “what? no V8?” scrutiny.

This rendered “2023” Gremlin (the year is on us) feels like a SEMA project

In the meantime, The Sketch Monkey used his skills to transform the original Gremlin into something that a builder could create using modern bits and perhaps showcase at SEMA—have you seen the ludicrous builds for 2022?

This explains the 2011 Dodge Challenger front end and the 2022 Ford Bronco headlights, as well as the custom Honda e upper front fascia—hey, we’re back to the electric vehicle part of the story!



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