2022 VW Golf R Looks as Sick as a Focus RS in Avante Widebody Kit

The era of the Golf 8 R is upon us, and we might be looking at the last car of this kind Volkswagen ever produces. After all, they’re focusing super-hard on EVs and are even offering them in the spicy GTX flavor.

So even though we hate some of the features on the new Golf GTI/R, this is no time to dwell on imperfections. Instead, let’s find out what the Volkswagen-loving communities might do with these 2022 model year hot hatchbacks.

Extracting more power has never been the problem. With the previous generation, tuners like APR or APR were pushing past 450 horsepower out of these four-cylinder turbo engines. The new 2.0 TSI is quite potent right out of the box, but it’s proving a little more tricky to re-map. So let’s look at the cosmetics instead. After all, VW buyers like nothing better than to blow their Bitcoin money on crazy wheels and carbon parts.

One body kit that’s been getting a lot of attention is the one envisioned by a company called Avante Design House. Never seen anybody with an Avante body kit? Well, that’s because they’re a 3D design house and not a body kit shop. But the thing they envisioned for the Porsche Taycan seems to have owners talking, and we’d be surprised if the same thing doesn’t happen with this Golf R.

As you may have noticed, Avante has completely changed the essence of the Golf R… for the better, in our opinion. Some fancy stuff is happening at the front, where the intakes are doing that double-frame thing. The idea dates back to the R400 concept, but they’ve added a modern rounded touch.

The custom widebody fenders at the front have been paired with this bulging hood that looks like it came from a Jaguar F-Type or AMG GT, except it goes over a horizontal 2-liter turbo.

Avante has also added carbon side skirts and “fixed” the stance of the vehicle. But our favorite view is from the back, where the R has been gifted aggressive exhaust pipes and a double wing, similar to road rally cars such as the Ford Focus RS or the MINI JCW GP.



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