WhistlinDiesel Shows “$8.7 Million” Headquarters, Plays With Excavator Indoors

Even though his content doesn’t strictly fall under the “automotive” category, WhistlinDiesel is one of the biggest personalities in the world of cars right now. But after watching the recent tour of his headquarters, every kid in America is going to want to buy a big farm instead of just a bunch of V12 supercars.

Ever since buying a twin-turbo custom Lamborghini Huracan from another famous YouTuber, Mr. Diesel has been completely silent. And in his first upload in 3 weeks, we learn that all that juicy ad revenue has been blown on a fancy ranch and a black barn to store all the junk he’s going to break. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but those are his words.

While WhistlinDiesel is originally from Indiana, he doesn’t own property there. Instead, the WD Headquarters is located in College Grove, Tennessee, about 40 minutes South of Nashville. Cody has been active on Instagram around Tennessee, and of course, there’s the famous lawsuit at Center Hill Lake.

According to the description of the video, the property cost $8.7 million. Of course, you can’t take anything he says seriously; that’s what makes him so fun to watch. And somewhere at the beginning of the clip, he mentions a more reasonable cost, somewhere north of $1 million. Then again, that could just be what the construction work cost, which would explain why he basically describes himself as bankrupt.

Let’s talk about that for a moment. A lot of the labor that went into this property is measured in “loads” that cost at least $100 each. It starts with the driveway, for example, which needed to be widened, and this required tens of truckloads of rock worth about $40,000. Cody basically didn’t want to leave anything the way it was, so four construction teams apparently moved mountains and are in the process of creating an artificial lake.

The “loads” really piled up, and you begin to wonder if this YouTuber really is worth only $2M, as some websites claim. It’s worth pointing out that the chief of one of the crews got out of his excavator and seemed distressed to the point of tears because the pay is behind by over two months. Hopefully, it all works out, because construction of this magnitude has a habit of degenerating into scandals for big influencers.

Cody Detwiler’s family is in the automotive business and he himself has a background in farming and construction. That massive back barn hides all sorts of objects that reflect his varied hobbies, which also include hunting bows, dirt bikes, and even a giant excavator. A couple of idea boards have been filled with crazy ideas which we have no doubt will be put into practice soon, as WhistlinDiesel plans to upload to YouTube every day for a month. These ideas include wrestling a white shark on land, a pool of piranhas for trespassers, invading various states, and more.

Even this headquarters tour is sufficiently packed with mayhem. For example, the side of the building has a ramp, so he jumps the Polaris quad inside until the diff explodes. Another little 4×4 is rolled down the hill several times, and a lawnmower is used to mow… rocks. The building is also large enough for the excavator to swing its bucket around, which they manage to do without anybody at the controls. That looks perfectly safe!



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