Tesla Model S Owner Adds Lamborghini Front End to His Car, Result Doesn’t Look Half Bad

Given how carmakers from around the world are engaged in the EV revolution (EVs accounted for 11% of new vehicle registrations in August), it’s impressive to see Tesla maintaining its podium status. However, the Palo Alto company can’t rest on the laurels it gained after being the dominant electric vehicle maker for over a decade—if it wants to secure a top position, Tesla needs new models and perhaps a fresh design language. Now, the delayed Cybertruck, which should enter production in 2023, seems more like a standout exercise than a preview for the styling language of future Teslas. Meanwhile, a Tesla owner seems to have taken the matter into his own hands, fitting his Model S with a Lamborghini front end.

The Raging Bull-impersonating Tesla was spotted over in Denmark, a country that saw plug vehicles (plug-in hybrids and EVs) accounting for over 50% of new car sales back in December 2021. And the number of used EVs sold in the country is even higher than that of new ones.

Given the heavy presence of the Tesla Model S in Denmark, we’re not surprised that somebody would want to make their example stand out. And, at least judging from these images, which showed up on Reddit a few days ago, the mix between the Model S and what appears to be a Huracan Performante front bumper appears to look better than expected, even though its hack job appearance is obvious.

For the record, the photos seem genuine—we tried to seek any clues that would point towards tampering by increasing the brightness and zooming in, but nothing of the sort seems to show up.

The large open areas of the Huracan Performante bumper seem to have been filled out with more or less official pieces, while the shape of the apron also makes the Model S taillights appear closer to those of the Italian exotics by partially covering the light clusters. That right there may be a safety concern and probably not the only one. So it’s probably best to not try this at home.

Still, with the Lambo side markers absent (the factory Tesla units are located on the fenders) and the active aero of the supercar, which once held the Nurburgring production car lap record, obviously not… active anymore, we could easily spiral into a negative approach, but we have more uplifting plans.

A bit of Lamborghini Estoque in this somewhat rough DIY Tesla design stunt?

However, we prefer to point out that the Lamborghini-nosed Model S reminds us of prototypes tested by the Sant’Agata Bolognese automaker (by the way, here’s an officially-lifted Huracan Sterrato). And while we started this story by mentioning Tesla’s future design, we can also think of Lamborghini’s future.

As the Raging Bull fans among you know, the current presence of the Urus has more or less come at the expense of a Lamborghini sedan, which was previewed by the stunning Estoque four-door concept of 2008. And while Lamborghini has stated that its first EV will stick to the crossover recipe when it lands in 2028, we can only dream that the electric revolution will bring a battery-powered Lamborghini sedan as a fifth model line further down the road.



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