Tank Arrives at WhistlinDiesel Headquarters, Destroys Several Vehicles and Plays with Monstermax 2

So the video every WhistlinDiesel fan has been waiting for is finally here! Cody has finally shown all the chaos and destruction caused by the tank which he bought last year. This includes but is not limited to going through a wall, driving over a school bus, a Chevy Cruze, and an old SUV.

In October 2022, we reported that Cody bought a British army surplus tank called the Chieftain. Since the 60-ton vehicle has been shipped to the WD Headquarters located in College Grove, Tennessee. It’s a huge property, just the kind of place you’d imagine playing tank commander as a child.

While most YouTubers have made fake tank content using armored personal carriers, this is 100% the real deal. In order for the Chieftain to be legally shipped to the United States, however, it wasn’t supposed to have a working gun. A plug was welded into the barrel so it could never be fired, but according to this video, Cody plans to have it working and firing shells after he gets the right permit for this. And the plug doesn’t seem to be there because an arrow gets fired though the barrel.

For now, he’s happy pretending to fire the tank and blowing stuff up. And why wouldn’t he? Pyrotechnics are fun, and he uses a lot of them here. A hunting tower, some fake deer, and a pool table are among his victims.

Some of these stunts look downright dangerous, but we know Cody and his team take some necessary precautions, like taking out flammable fuels from stunt cars. To showcase the destructive power of his tank, this tracked monster is taken up to its top speed of 25 miles per hour and rammed through a brick wall, followed by a school bus.

Name one other YouTuber who’s flattened a school bus using a tank. We’ll wait. Also, Cody proceeds to flatten the Chevy Cruze of a fake safety inspector and a GMC SUV doing that Carolina Squat thing. Squatting cars are illegal now, so maybe he got it cheap. Anyway, it’s as ugly as sin and it deserves to be crushed.

While the Chieftain tank is rugged and plated in up to about a foot of armor, it’s not impervious to Cody’s durability testing. You can hear something grinding in the tracks after repeatedly ramming the school bus. Also, the team fires every gun they have, and I believe one of them is heavy enough to leave a dent, which I think is the 50BMG with armor-piercing rounds. If this was an armored personal carrier and not a tank, that might go straight through.

To top it all off… literally, the tank is mounted by Cody’s other big vehicle, Monstermax 2. It’s possibly the biggest truck in the world (not really), and it’s so big that it crawls onto the Chieftain. And as a child, have you ever pretended to pull a toy tank with a truck? Yeah, he does that too, only in real life. Teslas, helicopters, remote control airplanes… honestly the only thing he hasn’t destroyed this time is a priceless pair of shoes. Also, we’d like to point out the cameo from Lunchbaglujan, commonly referred to as the U.S. Army E-girl.

So what did this stunt cost? Well, Cody has claimed that the tank cost $6.9 million, but that’s an exaggeration. In Britain, this might have been as cheap as £50,000 or even as much as £100,000. Shipping might double the price, and then there’s the brick wall and the three vehicles he destroyed, not to mention pyrotechnics which are expensive.



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