2023 Nissan Z Selling for Almost $125,000, Dealer Markups Are Getting Out of Hand

Dealer markups have always existed, but they’ve really gotten out of hand in the past couple of years because supply is way below demand. Sports cars are among the most affected, and we found a 2023 Nissan Z with a markup that shames that of a Z06 Corvette. A dealership wants $124,915 for the privilege of owning this yellow coupe that should cost about three times less.

Danny Z is a YouTuber who’s all about that Fairlady lifestyle. He’s got a fully customized 370Z with lowered suspension, a body kit, some nice wheels, and a turbo system. After installing a giant Tesla-like infotainment system, it’s pretty clear that he’s running out of things to do, so buying the 2023 model would be a logical step… were it not for the markups.

The overpriced Nissan Z was captured on film at one of the two Sutherlin Nissan locations in Florida. The YouTuber did ask for permission before filming, which suggests they’re not afraid of backlash. Even worse, there’s also a Nissan GT-R selling for $430,000 right next to the Z. Imagine spending half a million on a couple of Nissans. Rolls-Royce who?

Admittedly, the GT-R is T-Spec, one of 100 made, but where was this interest when Nissan was talking to dealers about the R36? Maybe if the automaker could charge that much for the next Godzilla, the development would go quicker.

We kind of understand why a Nissan dealership might ask a lot of money for the new Z. They haven’t gotten something this exciting in many years, and most places are only getting a few of them allocated. But still, $124,915 is some serious cash. You could buy a Porsche 911 with options or maybe even every previous generation of the Z down to the 240Z.

So what is the 2023 Nissan Z actually supposed to cost

Affordability is a big selling point for the Nissan Z, which undercuts the Toyota GR Supra and comfortably competes with muscle cars like the Mustang and Camaro. Nissan USA says the 2023 Z sports car is supposed to start from $39,990. That’s just the base model without taxes, though.

The most expensive model would be the Z Proto limited edition with 19-inch RAYS wheels, which would set you back $54,000 all included. That’s what this is supposed to be, and while it would be reasonable to ask 10 or 20% extra because it’s a rare car, they’re clearly taking advantage of the market conditions to make all the profits they can.



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