Takumi-san’s Yellow FD3S Mazda RX-7 Widebody Custom Is One of Japan’s Coolest

The Mazda RX-7 first became famous due to its awesome performance and handling. It had a unique, tiny rotary engine yet won comparison after comparison against Porsches and Corvettes. However, it’s now all about how much money you can spend on creating a custom project, something that looks brand new even after decades, like this yellow FD3S.

Known simply as takumi___fd3s, this build recently blew up in the rotary gangs. And when you hear that name, it’s only natural to think of Initial D under these circumstances. That’s because the anime’s Takumi had a rival called Keisuke Takahashi, and the guy fielded a bright yellow RX-7 that looked a lot like this one.

Keisuke was brothers with Ryosuke, who drove an FC RX-7. They’re basically rich kids who know how to build great cars. You couldn’t ask for better anime antagonists, because every time you see them, the Mazdas are sporting some killer new mods. Thank god Takumi is protected by the power of friendship and plot armor, because an AE86 shouldn’t really be keeping up, even going sideways.

What RX-7 body kit is this?

Anyway, we need to talk about this real-life Takumi. Like most good RX-7 builds, this one looks like a real race car. The rear overhang is exactly like an LM Race Car you’d have in Gran Turismo, but the front resembles a GT300 model that competed in Japan. I think that’s because the famous tuner RE-Amemiya had a yellow GT300 back in the day.

From the front, the FD3S looks like a Viper or a Ferrari 575 because it’s got a scoop in the middle, courtesy of the aero hood from Scoot. And unlike most RX-7, this one doesn’t have pop-up headlights. Again, this reminds me of race cars, just like the JDM-style Corvette that Kyza recently created. But the Initial D Mazda also had this style.

Like the VeilSide kit, this version of the RX-7 boasts an extreme widebody look. A sharp C-curve gets created around the doors, while vents pop up everywhere, next to the indicators, and at the back, close to the taillights. All these features are courtesy of the Pan Speed widebody kit (also called Panspeed GT Style Aero Kit).

Pan Speed was another company that raced Mazdas. They don’t seem to be making this kit any longer. But a few local companies still list it for sale for about $6,000. Obviously, finding a good RX-7 is way more expensive than modifying it.

At the back, we see an Esprit 052 1,800mm adjustable GT wing. But we also notice a couple of parts that are different. The wrap-around taillight unit acts as a spoiler and the bumper is from RE Amemiya. Completing this bold exterior makeover are 18-inch BBS wheels that take advantage of the wider fenders.

The engine features mild custom touches that are typical to the RX-7 community. These include a naughty stainless exhaust, GReddy intake components, and a Blitz BOV (blow off valve).



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