Streethunter Widebody BRZ Kit for the Mk1 Subaru Revealed Ahead of SEMA 2023, Looks Like a Gundam

Last year, Tj Hunt’s company Streethunter released a widebody kit for the second-generation Subaru BRZ, which obviously also fit the Toyota GR86. But now they’re in the home stretch, working on a widebody for the original BRZ, the 2013–2020 model (North America). Expect to see it slammed to the ground at the upcoming SEMA 2023 show.

The BRZ came out more than a decade ago and is one of the most popular JDM tuner cars. There’s a variety of popular widebody kits available for it, including several variations from Pandem and Liberty Walk. Knowing this, Tj took his time to design something that stood out from the rest, as polarizing as the grille of a BMW M4.

Even though it’s not finished yet, we love the Streethunter BRZ’s design, and it’s the kind of kit that will get you noticed. The usual new parts have been fitted: wings, spoilers and skirts. However, there are some notable features, such as the 3-piece design of the prototype front bumper. This is because they’re also making a stock body front bumper, which is obviously narrower at the sides.

Without a doubt, the most interesting aspect of the Speedhunter BRZ widebody is the way large openings flank the front grille. This creates a robot-like appearance, which many will associate with the popular Gundam series. Specifically, it has a strong 90s vibe, reminiscent of the RX-78.

Even though it’s just a mockup, this early video gives us plenty of insight into how the kit works. It comes with full fender replacements at the front and rear fender flares that go over the custom side skirts to create another grille-like opening. There’s also a lot of carbon fiber, in the vents and the side skirts. To round things off, Steethunter also designed a replacement trunk for the first-gen BRZ which incorporates a ducktail design.

All this should be available from around $7,000. Of course, the SEMA build will get add-ons to make it look good. We’ve been promised a wrap, new lights, wheels, and a refreshed interior.

The first-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 Streethunter widebody unveiling at SEMA 2023

Tj Hunt unveiled the complete first-gen Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 Streethunter widebody kit at SEMA 2023, alongside his personal BMW M4 GT3 street car build. The package consists of full replacement front bumper, bumper extensions, chassis mount splitter, full replacement front fenders, side skirt/extension, rear flare, trunk, and under tray.

It’s worth noting the Streethunter widebody was developed on Cam Cocalis’ Toyota 86, the tube-frame, LS-swapped, crazy-reverse-headers build that swept last year’s SEMA show off its feet. So, in case the monstrous V8 in the engine bay doesn’t tip anybody off, that’s the black car in the gallery.



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