StreetHunter Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 Widebody Bashes Its Way into SEMA 2022

Having featured quite a few extreme rides that swept the somewhat lightweight-edition SEMA 2022 off its feet, we also need to talk about StreetHunter’s second-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR 86 widebody, as this is a kit you’ll see on many cars. Heck, even during the Las Vegas event, the aero was featured on multiple cars.

YouTuber TJ Hunt, the man behind the StreetHunter label, has already showcased the widebody BRZ and GR86 kit via renderings done by the massively talented Jon Sibal back in the summer—he designed the kit with TJ. And now we can finally zoom in on a few builds wearing the complex airflow manipulation hardware.

StreetHunter brought its own cars to the show and we’ll get back to that, as we want to kick things off with a project coming from California-based Chris Borges, an enthusiast whose BRZ seems the most surprising of the said rides.

Chris’s Subaru BRZ isn’t at its first custom treatment, but the StreetHunter aero brings it a much more dramatic look, even without the super-sized wing (it packs the boot lid spoiler, though).

This is mostly owed to how the aficionado mixed the widebody with bash bars. The latter, which remind us of the structures drift cars use for protection, adorn the gaping front air intake and rear valance. And since this is no high-horsepower build (at least not right now), fretting about the aero impact isn’t necessary.

The white finish of the bash bars matches the center of the Work Meister wheels, with the latter featuring uber-wide polished lips and being perfectly tucked into the massive overfenders thanks to air suspension. And with the car being aired out, it’s negative camber (big) time!

The eye candy adorning most of the car? This is wrap specialist Inozetek’s Metallic Lavender vinyl—have you seen the Pink Ferrari F40 wearing this sort of wrap at SEMA 2022?

What about StreetHunter’s own BRZs?

Now, in the image gallery below, you’ll also see StreetHunter’s BRZ development car. This has gone from its white hue to Hunter Jade, also using Inozetek second skin. And yes, it gives us an opportunity to check out that big wing.

There’s also a third StreetHunter BRZ in the specialist’s Instagram video below, which gives us a more traditional color approach for a Subaru.

StreetHunter’s Subaru BRZ/GR86 widebody can include up to twenty pieces, with many of them being replacement parts to facilitate the installation. There are carbon fiber bits involved, some of which you’ll see on the SEMA cars. Oh, and there’s also a non-widebody version of the package.

And while the Toyota and the Subaru come with different suspension setups from the factory, the package is designed to offer the same appearance on both Toyobaru shades.

PS: Returning to the all-out machines mentioned in the intro, this tube chassis, LS3-swapped Toyota GT86 (first-gen) is one of the best.



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