Hyundai Tucson Tuning: €5,000 Prior Design Widebody Kit, Spoiler and Diffuser

The Hyundai Tucson is not content with blending into the sea of ordinary cars on the road. This small Korean SUV has received just what it needs, a widebody kit from Prior Design, a prominent name in the world of European car customization.

Prior Design had something bold in mind for the Tucson, an aggressive package that enhances the futuristic look of the Korean vehicle. It’s shockingly bold considering most Tucsons sold in Europe have less than 200 horsepower. The Germans also installed quad exhaust pipes which make the baby SUV look just as aggressive as rivals like the Hyundai Kona N or Cupra Ateca.

The transformation began with an aggressive front bumper that featured striking lines and aerodynamic accents. Most of the original Hyundai plastic is still there, but it’s been enhanced with a large air diffuser/splitter, which can be ordered separately for €495. Additionally, you can order €270 front frames, which wrap around Tucson’s lower headlight modules, creating an effect similar to aero scoops.

Side skirts are a popular tuning part, and they are available for the Tucson as well, mounting right below the doors and setting you back €595. But the main highlight of this kit is the fender flares of the widebody kit. Several parts are needed to wrap around different body panels and allow the doors to open. This is the most expansive part of the kit at €2,270.

Finally, we arrive at the rear of the car, where Prior Design created 3 distinct tuning components. The bottom of the bumper is equipped with a large diffuser for €495. Next, we have the trunk lid, fitted with the €405 lower spoiler right above the taillight strip and another €440 spoiler at the roof level.

As you can probably tell, these parts can be ordered separately. For example, people might only want the widebody kit to make an off-roader/overland look without the racing splitters. Alternatively, because Tucson owners might be building on a budget, only the front spoiler could be ordered, along with the diffuser.

The car in these photos is Prior’s demo Tucson, and it has obviously been equipped with some aftermarket wheels. They appear wider than stock, taking advantage of the fender flares. New coil suspension may have been installed as well to create this stance.

Hyundai Tucson Widebody Kit Price

So all in, you’re looking at €4,960 to build your Tucson this way, and that doesn’t even include the wheels and tires, which are probably another €1,500. Would you spend that much to ruin your family’s car? Probably not, but a custom SUV like this might be great if you on a Hyundai dealership.

Unfortunately, the Prior Design kit can’t make the Tucson any faster. The quickest versions of this vehicle are the HEV (hybrid) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid), making 230 and 265 hp, respectively. Unfortunately, with 0 to 62 mph times of 8 seconds or more, they’re no match for the 300-horsepower crossovers in this segment, many of which come from the VW group.



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