2023 Nissan Z Lowrider CGI Joins Real Slammed Z by 326 Power for Stanced Life

The 2023 Nissan Z is only months away from entering its second year of production. Now, while the novelty status is naturally going away, there are many valuable assets the Japanese sportscar gains. And one of the most important is the deep reach of the tuning projects based on the RWD coupe, both in the real world and the virtual realm.

While the main focus of today’s story is the ride height of the 2023 Z, which, by the way, many fans still call the 400Z, the examples we’ve brought along add quite a bit of custom work to this aspect.

Last month’s SEMA 2022 show brought us the StreetHunter 2023 Nissan Z. The American aftermarket specialist, which is owned by vlogger TJ Hunt, mainly gifted the Z with its widebody kit. And, more importantly for us right now, the company installed air suspension to make the most out of the extra-aero look.

But what if you’re looking for even more extreme ways to play with the ground clearance of the Z35 Nissan? Well, we’ve got just the thing(s) for you, namely a 2023 Nissan Z lowrider rendering and a real-world project involving a slammed 2023 Z with a static suspension setup.

2023 Nissan Z lowrider CGI

America’s lowrider culture experienced a revolution back in 1959 when a mechanic named Ron Aguire came up with the hydraulics we take for granted nowadays. That was a way to bypass the legistlation aimed at keeping such pavement-hugging machines off the streets, and it worked.

Nowadays, old-school Impalas still dominate the lowrider scene (remember Snoop Dogg’s Superbowl show?). Even so, some enthusiasts are contantly looking to expand this subculture. Case in point with this rendering done by digital artist Egor Bessonov (aka op.80s), which gives the 2023 Z the full lowrider treatment.

Of course, it all kicks off with the wire wheels, which are shod in whitewall tires. These are linked to the body via the mandatory hydraulic system. Then comes the eye candy—it’s not just the two-tone finish, but also the body art.

These standout graphics cover the entire body, while the roof art even pays tribute to the Z heritage of the sports car. The front fender mirrors? It’s an old-school JDM thing, but hey, you get no blind spots, and they also make the car easier to steer around tight streets.

Slammed 2023 Nissan Z by 326 Power

Japanese aftermarket developer 326 Power introduced its 2023 Nissan Z development car this fall. And that murdered out image certainly hits differently when the vehicle is so low that you could barely slide a smartphone under the car to take a photo.

Speaking of which, as mentioned above, this is a static setup, with the lowering suspension turning the two-door into a show car—perhaps ironically for somebody outside the phenomenon, that lowrider take is considerably more practical, even though it would also be more expensive to execute.

326 Power fitted the 2023 Z with a front splitter, a rear valance and even a rear wing. Then we have the company’s wheels, whose large lips nearly touch the factory fenders.

Negative camber? This is just another details that means the “stanced life” 2023 Nissan Z projects are polarizing. Fret not, though, as next year will bring even more Z35 tuning bits, so there should be something for everybody.



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