Sinister Gen 6 Camaro With Molded Widebody Has C7 Corvette Exhaust

I’ve always thought that while the Chevy Camaro can’t match the power of the Hellcat and the GT500, it’s got some of the best custom projects. This all-black 6th-gen proves my point, rocking a unique body kit and a rear end that looks similar to the C7 Corvette.

What’s the best thing about a Camaro other than its 6.2-liter V8? Well, that’s got to be the aero. Ever since the Gen 6 came out for 2016, it’s been building itself as a sports car rather than a muscle car, and it culminated with the bold wings of the ZL1 1LE package.

There’s no shortage of custom Camaros on social media, but our attention was immediately grabbed by this sinister-looking model owned by @coffeefed out of Nevada.

From the front, it looks like the ZL1, which is the supercharged monster at the top of the Camaro range. It’s got the pre-facelift headlights that so many people like, the extra-large bottom air intake with a honeycomb grille, and a chin spoiler.

But then you begin to notice the widebody kit. We’re not 100% sure on this one, but it appears this uses the $4,600 Streetfighter LA widebody, which is a bolt-on with the usual fender flares. However, it’s been molded to the body. That’s the process where you attach the kit, sand it down, Bondo over the top and redo the paint or wrap it.

In addition, the Gen 6 Camaro has an even longer front splitter with adjustment struts and the winglet from the 1LE pack added to the bumper. The hood has a power bulge like the ZR1 Corvette and vents on either side. The real party is at the back, though.

There, the Camaro stops being a muscle car by adopting the quad mid-mounted exhaust layout from the C7 Corvette. In addition, the diffuser element framing it looks like it’s been designed for Chevy’s famous sports car. To top it all off, window louvers and a rear spoiler have been installed.

The current Camaro is based on the GM Alpha platform and is 200 lbs lighter than its predecessor. It’s also got more advanced suspension technology, the 10-speed auto and is equipped with CarPlay. It won 2016 Motor Trend Car of the Year, and for 2017 the 1LE package for the regular SS returned with re-tuning for the magnetic dampers, 6-piston brakes, forged wheels, extra radiator, and all for $45,000.



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