Twin-Turbo Ram TRX Goes Drag Racing on Compound Boost, TTRX Is Scary Fast

With the Ram TRX in production for one and a half years, Chevy and Ford have yet to come up with a competitor that can match the Hellcat V8 motivation of the Mopar truck. Nevertheless, the 2023 Ford Raptor R, whose Shelby GT500-borrowed supercharged 5.2L V8 has allegedly leaked, will change that soon. Even so, the aftermarket has already prepared the Mopar truck for the arrival of its Blue Oval rival, with a twin-turbo kit gifting the behemoth’s Hellcat engine with compound boost being an example as good as any.

The package we have here, which involves the turbos feeding boost into the factory blower, comes from New Jersey-based Ripatuned, which has aptly named the result the TTRX. The pair of turbos sit below the vehicle—behind the front wheels—and are only partially protected by the standard skid plate.

This shows that most owners installing such goodies are more inclined to hoon their trucks on the road rather than getting off the beaten path. And we’re here to provide an example involving a TTRX hitting the drag strip.

The Ram went for some passes, albeit while focusing on the 1/8-mile times where this heavy hitter truly shines rather than taking on the cars that were lined up next to it for the full 1/4-mile adventure.

The numbers show this is as velocity-savvy as a Challenger Hellcat

It’s all showcased in the video below, which comes from YouTuber Demonology (his real name is Herman Young). And the most important part comes at the 8:30 timestamp, where we get to see the factory Performance Pages recordings showing the numbers recorded by this fresh build. For the record, the rest of the vehicle is still in factory condition.

The runs seen here weren’t going to be the best one from the get-go, since the vlogger and the owner of the truck were both in the vehicle. However, the best figures achieved to date show a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.1s, a 1.28s 60-foot, 6.8s at 99 mph for the 1/8-mile, as well as 10.9s at 110 mph in the 1/4-mile.

And while the TRX, which tips the scales at around 6,350 lbs, is about 1,900 lbs chunkier than the Mopar missionary that is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, the compound boost truck and the factory muscle coupe are pretty much even.

The TTRX kit can make between 800 and 1,500+ hp and, based on the said drag strip numbers, this setup, which also includes an oil catch can and high-flow injectors, delivers around 1,000 hp. Aiming for more involves using ethanol—those injectors are prepared for it—as well as installing extra cooling (think: air-to-water).

As we mentioned when showing a Ram TTRX racing a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, one can push the Hellcat V8 of the truck into four-digit output territory to prepare it for the Raptor R‘s arrival without adding turbos, but this is one of the most spectacular ways of going about it.



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