Transparent-Roof Ford E-350 Custom Camper Is An Undercover Tiny House With Style

The interior and exterior of this Ford E-350 custom camper van simply seem to come from different universes. From the outside, one can only wonder what the added upper structure of the commercial vehicle houses. Sure, it couldn’t be a fulfilling living space, since there are no windows, one will probably say. Well, this contraptions certainly has a surprise for you.

With its all-too-generous wheelbase, this 1998 Ford E-350 Extended cargo van offers just enough room for a plethora of activities, albeit with most of these involving hauling (hey, this old postal van was also all business, but now it’s a camper too!)

The pretty bits

Nevertheless, the Blue Oval machine has a bright secret—glass dominates its roof, allowing plenty of light to flow in and, when the vehicle is parked in nature, treating the occupants to a spectacular view.

And, given that the high top offers 6’8″ of standing room and that the camper comes with a butcher bloc table that can be pulled out, the people sitting inside the thing also enjoy reasonable space.

Another aspects that adds to the cozy atmosphere is the living plant wall, while the bed, which is “about twin wide” is 76 inches long. As for storage, this is covered using the trunk—below a custom wooden structure in the back, where it would be in a car—as well as the cab, which appears fairly regular.

The furniture also goes beyond aesthetics, as, for one, there’s a hinged picture frame that conceals a mirror—you don’t want reflective surfaces in such a space at all times, do you? (some people may reply with a “no”, as shown by this Dodge shortie van accompanying its mirror with a fireplace and a bar).

As for appliances, there’s a 45-liter fridge a two-burner propane stove, the fan you see on the roof, along with an electrical side containing a 1,000W inverter, one AC outlet, solar panels (175W) and others.

We came across the van on Instagram, with its seller being a photographer. However, since this is not a sponsored post, we won’t list the man’s profile here. Instead, the machine can be found on vancamper, where it is listed for $25,000.

The parts that need attention

Despite the age of the vehicle and its odometer reading (202,000 miles), the seller states that he’s invested a considerable sum in repairs, which is why the Ford is now in “really good working condition“. The vehicle recently passed smog inspection, but the engine burning oil means you’ll have to check this regularly.

However, the also lists some other issues, chief among which is the fact that the AC is not functional. And, in case you thought that the skylight generates condensation, especially in the colder months, you were right.

We’re not sure if the E-350 Extended comes with an… extended window cleaner, but we admit that the transparent roof, with the privacy it offers, had us starting at these photos for quite a while.



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