Rusty Jeep Forward Control Is a Tiny Truck with a Big Attitude

It’s been over six decades since Jeep introduced its Forward Control cab over trucks and while these compact workhorses, which were based on the Willys CJ-5, weren’t all that popular back in the day, they’ve become a source of fascination in more recent times.

Aiming to maximize the capacity of the bed, Jeep pushed the engine on top of the Hurricane four-cylinder engine that was also borrowed from the CJ-5, with the packaging being revolutionary for that time—to be more precise, Willys built the Jeep FC between 1956 and 1965.

The example gracing our screens is the most basic form of the machine, namely the FC-150 that sports the 134.2 ci (2.2L) motor, while the larger FC-170 derivative was animated by a 226 cu in (3.7 L) straight-six.

Alas, the engine doesn’t turn anymore, which means your chances of completing an all-original build are pretty slim. However, this can also mean that the guilt of shoehorning a V8 into the contraption is something you don’t have to deal with.

Having recently landed in the hands of a classic car specialist dubbed Iron City Garage, the Jeep FC-150 was discovered in Utah and you should know the truck comes with a good title—we’re still left wondering about the exact model year of the vehicle, though.

The seller is asking $6,500 (€5,746 at the current exchange rates) or the best offer.

At least judging by what we can see in the images of the Jeep, rust is present in many places, but there don’t appear to be any insurmountable obstacles.

Now, if you happen to get your tools on this thing, keep in mind that Jeep itself paid homage to the cab over classic by introducing the Mighty FC concept back in 2012 (you’ll find a video of this at the bottom of the story, courtesy of YouTuber Detroit Demigod). So perhaps this might bring a bit of inspiration.

As for a production return of the label, perhaps an all-electric architecture, a solution Jeep is willing to adopt, will see the Forward Control returning to the lineup, especially since this type of hardware would allow for extra room in the cabin.



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