Pontiac Trans Am “Bandit” Chevy Silverado Is a 700 HP Beast Worth $286,000

This next truck has everything we love right now all rolled into one: a supercharged V8, a sports truck that sits low, the Pontiac Trans Am, Burt Reynolds, and a widebody kit.

The Baja style of off-road trucks is getting all the attention, with Ford and Ram battling it out over who can install the best Fox shocks. However, we also like ’em low and fast, like in the days of the original Lightning. And this baby has just as much attitude as a Shelvy Super Snake Sports.

Unfortunately, it’s a one-off and not something Chevy will sell you, but anything related to Smokey and the Bandit usually becomes a cult item, just like those 2013 Camaros that have been converted into Pontiacs.

SEMA fans will recognize this as the 2021 build from the Toyo Tires stand. It’s based on the 2021 Silverado Crew Cab RST, so an already sporty-looking configuration. It was put together by a Texas (where else) shop called Legendary Concepts, who teamed up with Saleen, so you know it’s legit.

Let’s talk about the visuals first, because they’re what really get you. It’s got a really nice widebody kit that we can’t find anywhere else. The front fender flares wrap into the headlights and have a square intake feeding the brakes. Wouldn’t want those rotors getting hot while running from the sheriff.

Smokey the exotic?

Also, a ground effects package tries to add downforce and comes with the front spoiler, side skirts, and a rear diffuser worthy of a sports car. As far as we can tell, these parts are made from forged carbon and are the most expensive added to a Silverado. And that makes the mystery of the kit even deeper. My favorite part has to the the trunk spoiler, which is very unusual on this type of vehicle.

Larger 22-inch two-tone wheels in the basket-weave style add that late 1970s Trans-Am style. Gold accents stand out against the black paint, but it’s not an exact copy of the fire chicken. Instead, BR is written on the hood and truck, a tribute to the late actor, along with a Seminole arrow, representing his college football alma mater.

What’s under the hood is just as surprising. This truck has a lot of power, 707 hp and 641 lb-ft of torque. So it should be able to race a TRX or Raptor. However, this power comes not from the big LS, but a 5.3-liter L84 V8 that’s been supercharged and fitted with a MagnaFlow exhaust.

Last weekend, this one-off 2021 Silverado Bandit Edition sold for a whopping $286,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auction. That’s a lot of money for what’s essentially a modified brand new Silverado. But everything Smokey-related is a bit… golden.



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