Ford Bronco’s Matching Trailer Is the Rear Half of a Bronco Pre-Production Prototype

Matching trailers are one of the coolest flexes of all time. Nothing says “I love my car” quite like having half of it acting as your carrier for tires and spares as you travel in style to your local track. However, this new Bronco takes it to another level and is actually an official Ford Performance setup.

Matching trailers have always been a thing, but we’re not talking about Bel Airs with painted caravans here. No, some people take cars, chopped them in two, and create these things, bringing the wheels, the fenders, and sometimes even the tuning features of whatever they’re driving.

Somebody at Ford must have seen the Audis and BMWs turned into trailers in Europe and thought “we should do that to the Bronco.” That’s right! This is an official vehicle.

The famous photographer Larry Chen brought this matching Bronco trailer under the spotlight and revealed this as a real Ford Performance vehicle, which he saw being used as a part of the pursuit vehicle for the Bronco Raptor in the Baja 1000.

No legal Broncos were hurt in the making of this trailer

Apparently, this was a pre-production 2-door prototype once. Those are not allowed on the road once the testing is finished and have to be crushed. But rather than being destroyed, the Bronco got shipped over to Darin Mathew Spreadbury at Adventure Thumpers where it got converted into this basked of rubber and goodness. Apparently, they only had 6 weeks to pull it off, which makes this all the more amazing.

Darin has been working for the past four years with the Bronco project. He’s there to fix things in the field and ensure testing can continue, but he couldn’t fit all his tools in the SUV and needed a trailer to chase 4x4s off-road.

That’s not where the highlights end because this 1/2 Bronco has an onboard fuel cell that’s fed via the standard fuel door, and its factory Ford parking brake still works. It’s on air suspension too, so the cargo can be lowered or raised if needed and should be… comfortable. This being a prototype probably explains why the taillights and top aren’t quite the same as the tow vehicle.

Speaking of which, while the trailer is supporting a Raptor, this is not a Raptor. The trailer sits on a custom box chassis, so it sits a little tall. And it also has wider fenders than the tow vehicle, but they all appear to be sporting Sasquatch-like stances thanks to 37-inch tires.

Something tells me people will want to buy these things in the future, so hopefully, the Adventure Thumpers team will figure out a way to fabricate the Bronco Trailer 2.0 without sacrificing these precious SUVs.



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