1958 Chevrolet Apache 3100 Restomod Looks Stunning in Red, Flexes 440 HP 7.4-Liter Big-Block

The late 1950s produced some of the most amazing American classic vehicles, and I just happen to think the trucks are the best. A 1956 Ford F100 is one of my favorites, but this 1958 Chevrolet Apache 3100 is a little more unique and boasts that wrap-around windshield too.

1958 is a fantastic year for Chevy trucks. The Apache is part of the 1955 to 1959 Task Force series of trucks. These were some of the first utility vehicles with V8 engines. 1958 is the first year where they did the four headlights and also the last year they had a full chrome front fascia.

This particular example caught my attention on Bring A Trailer because it’s a restomod. The builders lowered the pickup, painted it a nice metallic red color, but also got rid of the “Apache” trim on the front fenders to streamline the design.

Apache was just the name of the light-duty trucks. That year, both the Chevrolet 3100 and the GMC Blue Chip series received the Fleetside bed which was straight with a rocket-like element. But this is a Stepside 6.5-foot bed, and it looks more retro, which is probably the right choice.

This House of Kolor Cinder Red Metallic paint looks fantastic, as do the polished American Racing wheels, measuring 18″ at the front and 20″ at the rear. However, some of the comments point out that the stance isn’t perfect yet, as the rear suspension is higher.

It’s probably because of the fuel tank, which is too tall, something you could look into fixing if you buy the Apache. Bidding is only up to $32,000, and I think it’s worth more than that, especially given how many custom parts it’s got. CarVibz has already featured F100s selling for around $150,000.

The V8 surprise

Maybe the coolest feature of this whole build is the engine. The chassis number isĀ 3A580103203, which means it didn’t come with a V8 from the factory. However, it’s got one now. The lump of metal under the hood is a GM Performance ZZ454/440, a 7.4-liter big-block that produces 440 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Extra goodies include a four-barrel carburetor, a chrome air cleaner and alternator, aluminum cylinder heads, hydraulic roller lifters, and aluminum Chevrolet-branded rocker covers. Dual electric fans are strapped onto a Flex-a-Lite aluminum radiator. You really need to hear the way this thing sound.

This being a light truck, it’s RWD, with power reaching the Ford 8.8-inch Positraction rear end through a TH400 3-speed automatic. As long as you love the color red, this also has one of the nicest Apache custom leather interiors around. She’s got powered steering, but no A/C by the look of it.



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