WhistlinDiesel Bought Tj Hunt’s Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan

Hello and welcome to one of the weirdest crossover episodes in the history of automotive YouTube channels. Tj Hunt just sold his fully-customized Lamborghini Huracan, known for its racing green paint, to none other than WhistlinDiesel. It’s not a prank or a stunt… well, it is, but it really happened.

These two are radically different content-creating animals. Tj Hunt is known for doing lots of builds and possibly having way too many supercars. The guy has a finger in every pie. From humble beginnings modding a BRZ, he’s now playing with all kinds of toys you’d want to own.

He’s had Lamborghinis, Ferraris, a nice Supra and pretty much every JDM collectible. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with his RB26-swapped Ford Mustang, and the VeilSide RX-7 is an equally nice Tokyo Drift tribute too. His YouTube followers sometimes complain about builds that are finished and never used to their full potential. Well, that’s going to change for the Huracan…

WhistlinDiesel treats cars like rentals

Tj jokes that the Lambo was been sold to the one guy who will unlock its full potential. WhistlinDiesel is known for making some of the most barbaric car stunts, the stuff most people think “that’d be funny, but I’d better not.”

For example, the Indiana-born 23YO put Amish buggy wheels on a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Cody Detwiler (that’s his real name) also put 8 wheels on a truck and drove it into the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s not yet clear what’s going to happen with the Lambo, but Cody jokes it will be used as a tractor in Indiana, or for construction. He’s got a twin-turbo Audi R8 already, and something tells me this is going to be raced.

The Lamborghini Huracan was originally bought a while back from West Coast Exotics. It’s been fitted with a 1016 Industries carbon widebody kit, which costs about $50,000 on its own. There’s also a $15,000 titanium exhaust system, some fancy wheels and the British racing green paint which makes this instantly recognizable.

Sheepey, the shop where these two videos were filmed, did the twin-turbo system for the V10 engine. Power is now way up, to about 900 horsepower. Twin-turbo Huracans are known for setting all sorts of crazy drag racing records.

For the LOLs, WhistlinDiesel impersonates a typical Lamborghini driver by having way too many branded clothes and slapping 10 radar detectors to the dash. It’s a Lambo thing, you wouldn’t understand! Alex Choi is in this thing too. Yeah, the best crossover episode indeed.



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