Ozuna Drives a 1989 Ferrari Mondial t in “TUCU” Video, Brings Miami Vice Vibes

Anybody can rent the newest Rolls-Royce SUV for their music video and look rich. However, it takes a special kind of vintage car to add a hint of exotic nostalgia, which some songs benefit from. That’s why Ozuna’s latest hit, TUCU featuring Amarion, has a 1989 Ferrari Mondial.

The late 1980s were a wild time, and there’s no better way to revive that spirit than with an over-the-top wedge-shaped Ferrari. Obviously, the best choice would have been the white Testarossa from Miami Vice. However, this convertible Ferrari Mondial is from that era, has pop-up headlights, and the right boxy shape.

The Mondial is combined with several other elements to create that vintage Miami vibe, perfect for Ozuna’s reggaeton / Latin trap music. You can catch glimpses of a C3 Corvette with twin-tone silver paint, which probably means it’s a 78 or 79 model. Also, Amarion is holding up an old Motorola brick phone from the 80s and you’ve got a hint of a blockbuster fight scene, featuring the Chinese mafia.

Ferrari Mondial, a forgotten 80s icon

Ozuna’s car from TUCU was borrowed from enthusiast Sebastian Dykier who bought it last year in “not the best state.” Those who don’t know Ferraris probably haven’t heard about the Mondial, so let’s talk a little bit about that.

It was a blemish on Ferrari’s reputation back in its day, like the California, but much worse. The main issues were the weight, handling characteristics, and lack of power. Some auto magazines said they could barely get it to 60 mph in under 10 seconds.

Of course, this 1989 model is the Mondial t, the last evolution of the car, which Road & Track said was the “spearhead of a new generation of V8 Ferraris.” The new powertrain was a 3.4-liter V8 making 300 hp. Of course, that’s not a lot by today’s standards, but it fulfills the obtainable Ferrari dream to some degree and it’s got a gated manual gearbox.

The Mondial is the cheapest Ferrari you can buy, with some versions worth as little as $35,000. A good Mondial t Cabriolet like this one is the most valuable of the bunch and trades near $70,000. But that’s still just a deposit to get the latest supercar model from Maranello.



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