Widebody Audi RS2 “White Wolf” Is a Hoonigan quattro Wagon Tribute

Audi wagons were cool even before Ken Block signed with the quattro brand. The new RS6, for example, is like a Lamborghini Urus for shy people. However, thanks to the big Hoonigan switch, projects are coming out of the woodwork, and this one deserves to be built for SEMA 2022. It’s based on the car that started it all, the RS2 Avant.

Well, we’re supposed to call this the RS 2. Audi keeps going back and forth with its spaces. The point is that the legendary RS6, which is easily the most famous performance wagon, owes its existence to the RS2, the proto-Avant.

The e-tron GT exists partly because of Porsche, and so does the RS2. Produced between 1994 and 1995, it’s very much a Euro car. However, they’re now importable; Doug DeMuro bought one last year and drag raced it a bit. The bit that makes it special is under the hood.

Porsche took apart Audi’s 2.2-liter engine. They fitted better internals and a giant turbo to produce 311 hp and 302 lb-ft of torque. This fantastic car is also packed with details and fine design which inspired legendary rendering artist Khyzyl Saleem to create an RS2 in his own style.

Not real… yet!

You can be forgiven for thinking this is a match to the E36 BMW M3 we showed you recently. But, in fact, the Audi we dubbed the “White Wolf” is still a rendering. But it does have the endorsement of Hoonigan and the hope is now to have something like this put together for SEMA 2022.

“the_kyza” has been going back and forth with Brian Scotto, the co-founder of Hoonigan, who you might know from all their This vs. That drag racing videos. He shared photos of an old Audi 80 quattro race car, which inspired this makeover.

At the front, the simple RS2 front end is embellished with an air splitter fit for Pikes Peak racing. Large flared-out fenders then create space for a much wider track and aggressive side skirts. Meanwhile, the back perfectly combines old design with new fabrication by having a sharp diffuser, plenty of carbon, and custom lights. And to top it all off, a set of Rotiform wheels (with front Aerodiscs) fit as snugly within the fenders as your pants after Christmas dinner.



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