Western Star 49X Super Truck Rendering Blends 4×4 Patriotism With F-650 Looks

The average American truck, like the Ram 1500 or Ford F-150, is becoming increasingly big, luxurious, and powerful. Some owners have gone even beyond with 6×6 conversions, but there is something beyond that, the so-called super truck. Over the years, the Ford F-650 has been the go-to in this segment, but today, we have a newcomer in the form of this rendering, a Western Star 49X Super Truck.

My idea of a “super truck” would be a Dodge with a Viper V10 or even a Ford Lightning. However, there’s a company called Super Trucks that take the naked F-650 and converted it into a $150,000 abomination with a bed.

This digital work has the mark of adry53customs, who admits to being in love with the super truck genre. After sharing photos of the Hummer H1 with his wife, he’s become intoxicated with the International CXT and the way it dwarfs everything else on the road. That’s why a Prius is used to highlight the real-world dimensions of his digital creation.

Can we make #Priusforscale happen?

If you grew up loving giant, rightly colored semi-trucks, you probably already know about Western Star. The company spent about six years developing this new model for the worst conditions possible. From logging in British Columbia to mining and oil work in Texas, the 49X is supposed to handle everything.

Since the 49X has been available for a couple of years, some owners may have developed a deep passion for the model that they lived with. So a super truck conversion is possible, even though it seems so unlikely.

Such a vehicle might be built. Most of the versions we’ve seen have two or three powered axles over the back, designed to pull up to 160,000 lbs of heavy loads. However, there are shorter chassis and ones that aren’t built for articulated loads, such as the dump trucks. But they don’t make them in this style.

To get this look, I think rendering artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel worked with a short Cab Tractor version, got rid of one axle, and lifted the suspension.

The style of the cab is similar to F-650 Super Truck builds, a 4-door with gas tanks tucked underneath. Large axles and ridiculously large off-road tires give the 49X a lifted look. Of course, the front end is stock, featuring that rugged chrome plate.

Production models of this vocational truck offer two types of powertrain, Detroit Diesel or Cummins, split into five families. Displacements range from 10 to 16 liters. Power can go up to 600 hp while torque can be as high as 2,050 lbs for a Detroit DD16. Both manual and automatic gearboxes are available, including an Allison.

The interesting bit is the bed at the back since the 49X is not that kind of truck. It’s basically a flex in the digital world, since a real vocational truck could tow several times the load that you can put in the bed.



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