V12 Ferrari Roma XX Is the Naturally Aspirated Track Car We Need in Slick Render

The Ferrari Roma might be the entry-level coupe of the Italian automaker, but the two-door manages to achieve much more. Thanks to its stunning design, which follows Maranello’s La Nuova Dolce Vita philosophy, the 2+2 seems to have all eyes on it. Of course, there will always be enthusiasts aiming for an all-out dynamic approach and while Ferrari reserves such specials for higher-tier models, this rendering takes the stake even higher, introducing a Roma XX track version.

This digital endeavor builds on the sculpted lines of the front-engined Fezza, which is no easy task. As mentioned above, the appealing styling is one of the Roma’strongest points, and converting it to circuit duties means adding plenty of aero bits.

There’s a deep front splitter whose mounts climb deep into the lower fascia, complex side skirt extensions, covered vents in the glorious, arched hood, aero-reworked panels replacing the rear side windows and we haven’t even gotten to the posterior.

At the back, we find a massive wing with a pair of shark fin-like mounts, along with a diffuser whose center section accommodates a deal exhaust—the stock car features two tips on each side.

Oh, and did we mention the widebody mandated by the wider tracks and the motorsport-grade centerlock wheels shod in Pirelli slicks and the airflow-manipulating rear window?

At least to these eyes, all these elements maintain the visual harmony of the Roma while delivering one of the prettiest track cars of modern times.

Not only does the virtual artist behind the magnus.concepts label deliver an OEM-like level of refinement, but there are multiple elements that honor the XX tradition, such as the said wing mounts.

Ferrari’s XX customer racing range

Note that Ferrari’s XX range is comprised of customer racecars (Corse Clienti) and we’ll list all the models introduced to date, along with their Evo derivatives.

It all started with the Enzo-based FXX of 2005, which morphed into the FXX Evo for 2007. The latter year welcome the 599XX, with the Evo model landing four years later. Then, in 2015, Maranello released the LaFerrari-based FXX-K that kept the hybrid spec. And yes, this received an Evo iteration, which came about in 2017.

Up until a couple of years ago, customers enrolling in Ferrari’s XX program could only enjoy these V12 beasts—all of them feature the said configuration, so a Roma XX should probably have a heart transplant—during events sanctioned by the carmaker. However, this rule no longer applies, with owners now having more freedom to enjoy their Prancing Horse track cars.

You can also enjoy many of these in the YouTube clip below, with YouTuber 19Bozzy92 having captured them at the 2021 Finali Mondiali (Ferrari World Finals) last November—the 599XX, FXX, & FXX K Evo get to stretch their legs in the clip.

Ferrari already built a V12 Roma, but it’s not for sale

The RPM (real project in the making) Potential of this rendering, unfortunately, sits at 1/10—while Ferrari wouldn’t have any reason to promote its entry-level coupe to XX ranks, such a transformation would also bring the series’ first twin-turbo V8. And, as glorious as the heart of the Roma is, it can’t match the sound and the linear power delivery of an atmospheric V12, not to mention the historical significance of the latter.

Speaking of the Roma and V12s, we’ll remind you that Ferrari has already gifted the GT, which normally uses a twin-turbo V8, with such a naturally aspirated wonder. However, the V12 Roma is only a prototype, which is believed to be a test mule for the 812 successor. Codenamed F167, the front-engined super-GT is expected to land late next year, coming as a 2024 model.



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