Unofficial Ford Bronco Heritage by Flat Out Autos Ups the Ante With Steel Bumpers, Classic Fascia

For every dazzling project we admire at the SEMA show, others never make it to the real world, despite having the potential to rock one’s world. Case in point with Flat Out Autos’ Ford Bronco Heritage digital proposal, which has a bit of a retromod air to it.

Didn’t Ford recently announce a factory Bronco Heritage Edition? we hear you asking. Of course they did, with this feeling like an extremely natural step for an already-retro-styled modern machine.

Nevertheless, the said specialist takes a different approach, inspiring us to dream about a modern Bronco that revives even more of the 1960s original’s styling features. At least for the time being, the proposal hasn’t materialized, but the company is considering bringing the creation you see in this rendering (done by an artist known as Midnite Octane) to the real world.

The official Bronco Heritage Edition pays tribute to the 1966 model by employing Oxford White-painted roof, grille, wheels and Bronco fender graphics that are visibly inspired by the OG.

However, this custom version would bring an even stronger retro flavor to the grille with modern halogen headlights featuring chrome rings, and chrome bumpers at both ends. Then we have the billet hubcap-style wheels, which are accompanied by rounded fender flares (some of you might prefer Ford’s more squared flares, though).

Flat Out Autos has the means to make this a reality

The Arkansas-based shop has the experience for it, having worked on much deeper transformations of the sort. For one, the label can cater to the needs of those who prefer the full-size K5 Blazer to the crossover reincarnation Chevy devised for the nameplate. As such, they’ve built a modern two-door K5 Blazer based on the ex-generation Tahoe (the demo car is a 2018 model).

Now, returning to the Blue Oval SUV, Flat Out Autos tells the story of how it submitted this Heritage effort to Ford itself for the 2021 edition of SEMA. And, as the specialist states in the Facebook post below, the said 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition “prompted the company to show everyone our version that was put together last year,

As one would imagine, Ford’s Heritage Edition was probably already in the pipeline 18 months ago when Flat Out Autos submitted this rendering to the carmaker (the shop also acknowledges this possibility inthe comments section of the post).

Flat Out Autos bringing a modern-day GMC Jimmy to the 2022 SEMA

Speaking of SEMA, Flat Out Autos has something special in store for this November. The specialist is preparing a Sierra truck-based GMC Jimmy revival.

Now, back in the day, the Jimmy was the GMC sibling of the K5 Blazer, with both rivaling the Bronco. So the trio getting back together after many decades, even if it involves a mix of OEM and custom vehicles, sounds like just what the doctor ordered.



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