Tesla-Swapped Mk3 Volkswagen Golf Looks Like a German Rally Restomod

The Tesla Model S Plaid is so amazing at humbling supercars that even one Tesla motor is enough to turn the average hatchback into a sports car. However, this next digital masterpiece can’t simply be explained as a “Tesla slap” because the artist perfectly captured how amazing a MK3 Volkswagen Golf can be.

“Groundbreaking” is not the first thing that springs to mind when you mention the Mk3 Golf. However, this really was the first modern Volkswagen in a way. In 1991, the car made its debut with airbags and turbodiesel engines. It also had bumpers which were integrated into the overall design of the car. The headlights were wider for better visibility and the trunk lid went all the way down to the bumper.

This car introduced the remote controls on the driver’s door and electric door mirrors. These were all features reserved for more expensive cars at the time. In 1996, the Mk3 also brought ABS brakes to market, while this generation GTI is the rarest of the bunch.

150 horsepower GTI, VR6 with 190 hp, the first Golf wagon, the Harlequin – the Mk3 is actually pretty cool. James from Donut has one with a 2.5L turbo swap, and 4.8 million other people bought one back in the 1990s.

However, it’s impossible to visualize how cool the Mk3 is so many years later, which is where this rendering comes in. German artist Andreas Richter, who goes by ar.visual_, went bananas with the body of a 3-door 1990s Golf. The Tesla swap gives it a cyber theme, which completely redesigns the car, adding LEDs, a widebody kit, and a huge rear wing. However, I also feel like this 3D dream is grounded in classic race car reality.

The “Sonax” in the name of the livery is reminiscent of older DTM race cars from that era, the Mercedes-Benz 190E W201, specifically. However, the colors appear to be inspired by recent world events.

And the body kit is similar to little-known versions of the VW icon, the Golf Rallye, both the Mk2 widebody version, and the lesser-known Mk3 A59 Rallye.



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