Tesla Model S Plaid Widebody by Competition Carbon Coming to SEMA 2022

We’ve been looking at the Tesla Model S for ten years, even longer if you include the prototypes. And while it’s undoubtedly a groundbreaking EV, there’s one problem with it: the looks. Many tuners have tried to fix its over-simplified design, and we believe Competition Carbon has finally created a Model S that looks like a supercar.

Well, it’s not quite ready yet. But a team of several specialist shops is currently working to get a widebody Tesla Model S Plaid ready for the 2022 SEMA Show. This is a preview of what’s about to happen, and you can’t deny its exciting nature.

Competiton Carbon is a young company making carbon fiber packages out of the USA. They’ve done a fantastic job with the C8 Corvette, but also played around with previous C6 and C7 models. Also, both them and designer Kasim Tlibekua were involved in the fabrication of the Ruffian widebody Ford F40.

Of course, Tesla fans are likely only here because of the widebody Model S. An extreme makeover fitting of a Pikes Peak race car is being previewed, upgrading all the major body panels and basically only leaving the roof intact.

At the front, a much more aggressive bumper has been added. It’s got an aggressive pointy nose, like an Aston Martin, as well as three gaping air intakes. Hopefully, these have a functional role, because the Model S Plaid doesn’t have a supercharger or twin-turbos needing extra oxygen.

Massive new fenders have also been installed, with ducts behind the wheel that channel air around the body. At the back, the body was extended out from about the middle of the door to the taillights. And finally, we have the mother of all carbon fiber diffusers.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but I suspect it’s going to be at least $20,000. That shouldn’t be a problem considering what a Model S Plaid costs. But a widebody conversion this extreme isn’t going to attract as many buyers as a Liberty Walk Ferrari or a 1016 Industries Urus. Even so, we expect at least one celebrity owner if this package reaches full production.

Here are a few numbers in case you forgot the Model S Plaid is actually a supercar. The top Tesla makes 1020 horsepower. It does 0 to 60mph in 1.99 seconds (with rollout subtracted) and the 1/4-mile in under 10 seconds. It’s also an EV that can go from San Francisco to Los Angeles on one charge while seating four people in comfort.



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