Slammed 2023 Toyota Prius With Carbon Widebody and Air Suspension Is a CGI Appetizer

Before anybody wonders about the real-world potential of the stanced 2023 Toyota Prius parked on our screens in the form of a rendering, allow us to remind you that, earlier this week, the fifth-generation Prius debuted with body kits ready to order.

The aero pieces for the 2023 Prius come from both TRD (Toyota Racing Development) or in-house tuner Modellista. And their presence feels extremely natural, especially since the newcomer’s Prius Prime plug-in hybrid version, with its 220 hp, packs the kind of acceleration you’d expect from an entry-level sports car—it only needs 6.6s to cover the o to 60 mph sprint.

The GA-C platform of the new Prius is also in on the fun. This is the architecture serving the rally-bred GR Corolla and, up to a point, the GR Yaris. And, for the gas-electric model we have here, the battery is placed under the rear seats for better weight distribution.

As you can imagine, the digital community couldn’t help but up the ante on the dynamic front, which is how we ended up with a rendering showcasing a potential 2023 Toyota GR Prius that would join the Supra, GR86 and the two AWD hot hatchbacks mentioned above.

Of course, the paradigm shift will also have an effect on the aftermarket side of the 2023 Prius. Until now, people were modding the uncool factory vehicle as a statement, so you didn’t have to get too creative to stand out.

Still, many enthusiasts did it anyway, which is how we ended up with mind-blowing efforts such as the Hellcat-Powered PriuSRT8 that got featured on Jay Leno’s Garage back in 2018. By the way, the comedian was released from the Grossman Burn Center on Monday after having sustained burn injuries in a gasoline fire while he was working on a 115-year-old steam car. Despite the injuries affecting his face, chest and hands, the doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

The internet already sees the 2023 Prius as a stanced hero and a pickup truck

Returning to the 2023 Prius, Toyota’s more serious dynamic efforts means tuners will also have to raise the bar. And, for now, we’ve brought along a rendering that portrays the kind of Prius we’d expect to see at SEMA 2023 alongside the real-world version of the E93/E30 BMW Speedster CGI we recently featured.

The digital artist known as ildar_project gifted the car with a forged carbon widebody consisting of a front splitter, front and rear overfenders, side skirt extensions and a roor wing. We can also notice forged carbon on the hood and the roof box.

The extreme stance of this 2023 Prius is the result of air suspension, with the lips of the directional-design Vissol Wheels—a real brand—almost touching those extrovert fenders.

And while light duty pickups based on passenger cars are long gone from the American market, the interned has also dreamt up such a project based on the hybrid Toyota.

The 2023 Prius pickup truck was rendered by a pixel master named Jonathan Machado (aka mentirasautomotivas). And since questioning the real-life potential of such a digital build is the normal thing to do, we’ll simply state that a 2005 Gen II Prius has already been given a pickup conversion. So yes, there are people out there who need to keep the gas budget in check just as much as they require light hauling abilities…



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