Rolls-Royce Wraith Hot Rod Is the Digital Thing Millionaires Didn’t Know They Needed

When it comes to offering high-performance vehicles, Rolls-Royce is often way behind rival company Bentley. That’s why it’s almost illegal to drag race the Spirit of Ecstasy. One artist saw this missed opportunity and decided to give the Wraith coupe the same customs treatment as a hot rod, making it lighter and more powerful, at least in theory.

This is the Rolls-Royce Wraithrod, a creation of the mastermind known as Adry53 (Timothy Adry Emmanuel). For many years, he’s been cranking out renderings that look like full-sized Hot Wheels, unbelievable machines which have inspired real builds on a couple of occasions. And while this baby is completely crazy, it’s still on par with the very real Rolls-Royce 6×6 pickup built by Danton.

Anyway, let’s look at what makes this 3D masterpiece tick and how it could make even the richest celebrity bankrupt. It took Rolls-Royce many years to come up with a somewhat sporty car, and in 2013 we got the Wraith, a gigantic coupe with reverse-hinged doors and a 623 horsepower version of their 6.6-liter V12 engine.

This creation was commissioned by HotCars, who used Jeremy Clarkson’s Safari Bentley as inspiration. But once again, this feels more like something Alexandre Danton would actually design and make because he’s obsessed with hot rods, having even turned Porsches.

Some of the bodywork is the same as a factory Wraith, which is amazing considering the vehicle is about 17.3 feet long (5,268 mm). It could easily be the biggest hot rod in the world. But a new nose was created, tapering from the windshield towards the much smaller front grille, just like it would on a 32 Ford.

The spirit of hot rodding

The headlights have been redesigned to fit this tiny nose, and 12 sharp-looking stacks can be seen cutting their way through the hood of the car. During World War II, the best-allied fighters used Rolls-Royce engines, and their exhausts were arranged in a similar way. Of course, hot rod culture goes hand in hand with the RR Merlin, as a lot of pilots came back from the war seeing thrills and began modifying cars to be faster and lighter.

Adry53’s Wraith hot rod also sports a unique stance thanks to carbon fiber wheels and gigantic Pirelli P ZERO tires. It’s the “ultimate flex” considering Rolls-Royce already fitted 21-inch alloys to the vehicle. And as for the exhaust, it looks like a safety hazard and a statement piece rolled into one.

When it comes to which celebrity would want to buy something like this, the Wraith hot rod has Justin Bieber or written all over it.



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