Realistic 2022 Ford Maverick SUV Is Wanted by the Russians

The Ford Maverick is just a cheap pickup truck in North America. Simple, right? Well, not so much, because this story has all the intricacies of a spy novel. Upon discovering this interesting Maverick SUV rendering, we learned that such a vehicle did indeed exist, and apparently, the Russians want it back. What?

First of all, it’s not so unusual for SUVs to be built like trucks. That’s how most of the rugged, durable stuff works – Toyota 4Runner, most of the GM big boys and even luxury models like the G63. It makes them better at handling rough conditions.

Normally, these vehicles are big, heavy, and powered by large V8 engines. However, many overseas markets need the ruggedness of a real SUV, not some crossover poser. And they can’t justify super-high prices or V8s. That’s where midsize truck-like SUVs come up. The Ford Everest is the best example of this. Based on the Range platform, it’s extremely popular in parts of Asia.

Chevy also makes the Trailblazer, similar to the Colorado truck. Isn’t the Trailblazer just a crossover in America? Yeah, it’s complicated, but it gets even worse with the Maverick.

Maverick, one name, many Fords

According to Wikipedia, the Ford Maverick was a compact car sold in America and Brazil back in the 1970s, but also a re-badged Nissan Patrol for Australia up until 1994, and re-badged Nissan Terrano in Europe. “Ford Maverick” was also the name of the Russian version of the Ford Escape.

Wikipedia says it’s the European version of the Escape, which feels a little weird. After all, the Kuga served that role. The Maverick SUV seen here isn’t real. It’s a set of believable renderings done by the Russian website Kolesa. They show a 4×4 that’s simpler and more rugged than most, exactly what Russians need to deal with rough snowed-up roads.

The Maverick actually shared its architecture with two crossovers, and it would be simpler just to ship the Bronco Sport over to Russia. However, that SUV is designed to be cool and thus a little overpriced. Also, the pickup is over 5 meters long and would be far more practical with a big wheelbase.



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