Porsche 911 Electric Is a Fan Concept with a Mighty Familiar Face

Walk into a Porsche showroom right now and you’ll be able to choose between two versions of the Taycan EV, while the automaker’s all-electric range should be augmented with a Macan-sized crossover later this year and a sibling for the 718 Cayman and Boxster expected for 2024 (2025MY). The 911? Zuffenhausen has different plans for its backbone vehicle, investing in synthetic fuels to keep the flat-six at the back for as long as possible, even though a hybrid model will land after the 992.2 mid-cycle facelift stars rolling in 2023 (2024MY). An all-electric Neunelfer? Sure, we have one right here in this independent rendering.

The work, which comes from digital artist Sugarchow (aka sugardesign_1) is seriously convincing as far as the quality is concerned, from the 3D model of the current 992.1 adopting the face, wheels and rear valance of the Taycan to the high-quality textures defining the car and the background.

You can hardly come up with a more recognizable silhouette than that of the Porsche 911 and quite a lot of people are now familiar with the Taycan, so the ingredients for making such a virtual concept stand out from the get-go are right (more on this below). However, Porsche itself will most likely wait until the next-generation 911 before fully electrifying the icon (read: the following decade).

Even so, the German carmaker has provided the inspiration for the 911E nameplate we used in the title. First of all, the 911 E (the name stands for “efficiency”) is an actual model launched in 1968 (1969MY), which replaced the 911 L (“luxury”) by introducing a mechanical Bosch intake manifold injection system that boosted power from 130 to 140 hp and optimized the torque curve. Secondly, back in 2019 Porsche linked the classic 911E to the Mission E concept car that previewed the Taycan in an official article.

What about the RPM (real project in the making) Potential?

While Porsche designers are expected to dismiss the traditional jokes about their laziness and gift the future 911 EV with a distinct identity, we wouldn’t be surprised to see somebody building a Neunelfer like this pixel one in the real world.

So, we’ll give this render a 5/10 in the RPM department. For instance, one could always grab a Taycan front clip from a damaged car, buy a 996 from the late 1990s—hey, the overall shape is mostly unchanged—and… you can see where this is going…



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