Next-Generation Volvo S90 Recharge Introduces Smoother Design in YouTube Artist Rendering

Volvo has comitted to an all-electric future come 2030, with the Concept Recharge introduced last summer showcasing a direction for the Swedish automaker. And while the company owes about 75% of its sales to SUV, former CEO Hakan Samuelsson had stated that the traditional sedans and wagons of the carmaker still have a future. With that in mind, a digital artist has envisioned a next-generation Volvo S90 flagship sedan in this rendering.

The current S90 was presented in December 2015, while receiving a minor facelift in 2020. So while a replacement is currently due, Volvo not saying anything specific on the matter means we can’t be 100% certain of a direct successor, with the same obviously being true for the V90 wagon version—more on this below.

For one, the Swedes could introduce a single vehicle to replace the executive model and its S60 compact executive sibling. Nevertheless, the pixel master known as Theottle brought his contribution to the camp that wishes to see the S90 maintaining its current size and traditional look.

This rendering shows an evolutionary pathway for the S90 replacement

Thus, the artist used the present car when creating the 2D work (the process is highlited in the first YouTube video below). As for the sharper details of the supposed next-gen iteration, these were borrowed from the Concept Recharge, which awaits you in the second clip below.

Speaking of which, you can expect future Volvo sedans and wagons to feature a less boxy appearance, along with a fastback-style roof line (for the sedans), with these measures being aimed at improving efficiency by means of drag reduction.

At the moment, it looks like the hypothetical S90 replacement could still employ combustion engines, even though an all-electric replacement holding the banner on its own seems like a more likely possibility. For the record, the German competition is offering its next-gen models in ICE, hybrid and EV form, with the 2024 BMW 5 Series (G60) being an example as good as any.

Volvo is preparing to launch the all-electric XC90 successor

Volvo is also keen on replacing the current alphanumeric designations with more inspiring names. And that is why the next key release of the Swedes, the XC90 SUV replacement, is rumored to use the Embla name.

However, recent patent images and trademark information have shown an upcoming SUV named EXC90 that sports an updated XC90 look rather than a completely fresh design.

The newcomer, an EV-only offering, will be built in America, sharing the Ridgeville factory with the Polestar 3, as they both ride on the battery-dedicated SPA2 architecture. However, the current XC90, with its hybrid power, will continue to be offered as long as sales show it remains relevant.

Now, if you’re looking for a visualization of a potential Volvo V90 wagon replacement, this SPA2 EV rendering we covered back in July should cater to your needs.

Volvo S90 replacement rendering video
Volvo Recharge Concept



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