Next-Generation Ford Mustang Electric Coupe Looks Like a Shelby in Quick Render

Unlike its Camaro or Challenger/Charger foes, the Ford Mustang has never left dealerships ever since it entered the roster back in the 60s. Even so, some of the (recent) decisions involved in keeping the Mustang in the spotlights are not easy (e.g., using the nameplate for the Mach E electric crossover). And since an all-electric future seems inevitable, a recent report talks about a battery-powered Mustang muscle car that would enter production in 2028, which is why we’ve brought along a rendering of such a Ford electric muscle car.

With prototypes of the next-gen Mustang concealing the production body under heavy cladding having already been spotted, the Internet is boiling with talk on the S650-codenamed pony. Expected to enter production March 2023 as a 2024 model, the Gen 7 ‘Stang should ride on an evolution of the current S550 platform, which introduced independent rear suspension to the badge back in 2015.

And while the engine range is supposed to at least include the EcoBoost turbo-four (currently present in 2.3L form) and the good ole N/A V8 (perhaps we’ll go past the current Gen III Coyote 5.0L), the ever-stricter CAFE emission standards means we’re not sure about the survival of the supercharged 5.2L Predator powering the Shelby GT500. Regardless, Ford is expected to throw in electric assistance, perhaps even past the 48V norm, namely adding electric power to the front axle for an AWD Mustang.

Back to the all-electric Ford Mustang muscle car

The rendering sitting before us is meant as an imagination exercise rather than attempting to accurately portray an actual machine.

As such, digital artist Kleber Silva (aka KDesign AG on Behance) has pieced together familiar pieces, blending the now-discontinued S550 Mustang Shelby GT350 with the Mach E to assist us in grasping the notion of such a machine.

Speaking of which, we’ll remind you Ford has already introduced concepts that follow the electric muscle recipe, namely the Cobra Jet 1,400, a low-8s quarter-mile beast, as well as the Lithium, which surprised us by mixing an electric motor with a six-speed manual tranny.

What about the real world?

Dodge, whose aging Challenger has surprisingly outsold the Mustang in 2021, has already prepared us for the arrival of eMuscle in production form, for 2024 and, judging by the teasers we’ve received so far, we’re not talking crossovers, which means the current Mustang Mach E is not part of this affair.

Instead, we’ll turn our attention to an Autoline Daily report delivered via the YouTube clip below, which talks about the Mustang going all-electric in December 2028 (production would continue to take place at Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly in Michigan), which would make it a 2029 model.

The story goes as far as stating the all-electric Mustang will be the only possible choice, with internal combustion being axed altogether for the said year.

However, it’s not just other reports that contradict the said source, but also a rather ovbious question—the Blue Oval is clearly testing the S650, so how could this only have a five-year lifecycle?

It would perhaps be more plausible for the inevitable Mustang electric muscle car to coexist with the suck-squeeze-bang-blow Gen 7 pony.



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