New 2024 Mercedes-AMG E63 Shows Quirky Design in Leaked Photo-Based Rendering

Earlier this week, a series of leaked photos revealed the front end, as well as the dashboard of the upcoming W214 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which should debut in 2023 and come to the US as a 2024 model. And, within the same year, we should get to see a range-topping 2024 Mercedes-AMG E63 version.

In a bit of a departure from the outgoing W213 E-Class, which has been on sale since 2016, the upcoming W214 model will skip the simple-shape, single-body headlight design. Instead, its front light clusters look closer to the dual-unit design of previous E-Class generations.

And, together with the front grille resembling that of the larger S-Class, the new headlights form a wing shape we’ve seen on other recent models of the German brand. Speaking of similarities, the carmaker seems to have brought the look of the E-Class closer to that of its EV-only EQE range mate.

This is a dramatic shift for Mercedes, which uses separate platforms for its (hybridized) combustion models and its EVs, unlike BMW, which offers the same cars with different propulsion methods (i4/4 Series, i7/7 Series).

And while the 2024 Mercedes-AMG E63 will obviously get a more dramatic grille and bumper, the said changes have now been integrated into an independent rendering portraying the super-sedan.

In fact, digital artist Nicolas Cavero, aka Futurecars now, has also rendered the posterior of the Affalterbach machine, even though this is more of an educated guess—there are no leaked pics or even uncamouflaged vehicle spyshots to reveal the final taillight shape.

An F1-style hybridized turbo-four for the 2024 E63?

For some three decades now, the E-Class top dog has been a V8 affair. Interestingly, despite AMG being seen as the Mercedes-Benz performance arm since the 1970s, way before the latter took control of the tuner, the beginnings of the eight-cylinder E-Class performance also saw Porsche building the vehicle for Merc. That was the 1991 Mercedes 500E, based on the iconic W124 E-Class.

Fast-forwarding to the retiring W213 E-Class, the emission reduction pressure meant that while the Mercedes-AMG range was expanded (there was the E43, which got replaced by the still-present E53), the E63 remained the only model with a V8. And, for the 2024 Mercedes-AMG E63, the number of cylinders may be cut in half.

Now, one would imagine that with six-cylinder models like the said E53 (3.0L straight-six with 48V mild-hybrid and an electric compressor for low-end boost), the future W214 E63 should also get such a setup.

However, most reports about the 202 E63 don’t mention this middle ground. Instead, things could go in two extremely different directions for the mid-size performance Merc.

Optimists see the next E63 joining the part of the Mercedes-AMG range that will maintain the twin-turbo V8 firepower, be it hybridized or not. Examples include the G63, as well as future models like the 2023 Mercedes-AMG S63 and the second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT.

Then there are the pessimists—or at least we hope for the label to apply—who believe the E63 will inherit the powertrain of the recently-introduced Mercedes-AMG C63 S E Performance. Sure, this delivers a solid 670 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque and packs a cool F1-inspired hybrid system. But it only features a turbo-four, while the hybridization has made the vehicle gain a whopping 700 lbs.

One thing is clear, though: the battle against the 2024 BMW M5 (G90), with its plug-in hybrid V8, will be uber-fierce.

The interior

The said leaked photos, which you can find in the gallery below, have almost fully revealed the dashboard of the 2024 E-Class. Unlike the portrait-like infotainment system of the S-Class big brother, there’s a square-ish central display, which is joined by a rectangular instrument screen.

For the E63, you can expect sportier seats, AMG graphics for the digital instrument cluster, and the MBUX infotainment, as well as AMG-specific driving modes.

It’s also worth noting that, back in September, the S214 2024 E-Class Wagon (E-Class Estate in Europe and E-Class T-Modell in Germany) made its spyshot debut. And if the current car provides any clues, the regular E-Class wagon won’t make it Stateside, but special versions like the E63 might.


  1. Hola! Considero que instalar un poco mas estrechas las pantallas frontales, le daría al vehiculo un perfil mas aerodinamico, elegante, y con más salida comercial. Gracias.


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