Mazda RX-7 Widebody Rendering by Hycade Looks Like a JDM Supercar

Japan produced about a dozen iconic sports cars that every guy knows about, from the Ferrari-beating NSX to the simple and cheap Nissan Z family. However, the Mazda RX-7 will always be in my Top 3 because it’s just so special, and I’m not talking about the spinning Dorito-shaped cylinders. No, widebody RX-7 are some of the best-looking cars on the planet, and I wish something like this concept by Hycade would be built.

The Mk4 Supra has the potential to be one of the fastest dragsters on the planet. However, it’s kind of ugly compared to the RX-7. Over the past 20-something years, we’ve seen some amazing body kits, but none have been as magical as this rendering.

I’ve often argued that Hycade’s work looks like Audi’s design language, even when JDM cars are involved. But for the RX-7, he’s chosen to stick to the Japanese roots and create an evolution of what’s already out there.

Many of the best widebody conversions based on the FD3S late-model RX-7 feature one particular kit, but it’s almost never mentioned by name. We’re talking about. It’s called the Total Car Produce (TCP) Magic G-Face aero kit, and Toyo Tires has built at least two of them for SEMA over the years. These have a widebody kit on top that’s chopped around the wheel hub level and continues with amazing ground effects.

However, Hycade made a much more streamlined version, like it’s an extreme production car. Mazda does indeed like to mess around with cars for many years, but it’s more like Nissan’s GT-R way of doing things. Think of it like the relation between a normal R35 and the Nismo which costs twice as much and looks different.

The Hycade car design style

Also, Hycade made a widebody R34 that looks like a Nurburgring attack weapon, and this RX-7 widebody looks like a rival to that. Can you imagine Mazda and Nissan locked in a heated battle over who can set the best Nordschleife lap times? That would have made the 2000s even better than Fast and Furious did!

The front end is pinched around the three large air intakes for the radiators. This is followed up with a large carbon splitter. Down the sides, the bodywork bends hard around the doors, with huge side sills reminding us of Lamborghini Aventador widebody kits. Of course, it’s not a real RX-7 without the wing and some oversized wheels.

As far as the RPM (Real Project in the Making) Potential is concerned, I’d give this a score of 6/10. All of Hycade’s cars deserve to become real, but some of them would be expensive to produce. On the other hand, just check out the widebody RX-7 that Kyza’s brand LTO is putting together, which is almost as crazy.



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