Jeep Comanche Trackhawk Digitally Mixes Truck Nostalgia with Hellcat Fury

Nowadays, Jeep has grown to the point where hot-rodding a few members of its lineup comes natural, which is how we got the Hellcat-hearted Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the Wrangler 392. So perhaps this can help die-hard offroading fans accept a (fictional) creation such as the Trackhawk-gifted Comanche that brought us here.

Introduced in the mid-80s, the Comanche compact truck did receive a sporty version in the form of the Eliminator, which sports a 4.0-liter straight-six with 177 ponies on tap—this was inspired by the SCCAR RaceTrucks version of the model, which debuted in 1987, an era when seeing a truck competing on tarmac seemed highly unusual-you’ll find a YouTube clip showcasing the Sports Car Club of America series—these highlights of the ’87 season are quite entertaining.

However, the 700+ horsepower treatment proposed by this rendering is quite a step up and not just thanks to the muscle. You see, graphic designer Jim (aka jlord8), who is responsible for the work, came up with what we might call a balanced approach, ensuring the two-door truck can cope with all that supercharged fury.

You might also wish to check out another Hellcat-animated Jeep dream Jim had, with this involving a 1970s Cherokee

The upper section of the vehicle retains the original 1980s look and, given the attention that era gets these days, we’re not surprised. However, the pixel master does plan to “revisit” the concept, so perhaps we’ll get an even more outlandish proposal in the future.

Meanwhile, we can focus on the lower part of the car, which is where we find a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk apron, together with the massive wheels and brakes of the super-SUV. Oh, and by the looks of it, the suspension has also been tweaked, so this Jeep shouldn’t be afraid of corners.

Speaking of go-fast trucks, these days automotive producers steer clear of delivering the road-biased units we used to get back in the day, with specials such as the Raptor and the TRX being destined to rough terrain. So it’s reassuring to see the custom car realm has us covered, be it in pixel or metal form.



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