Hyundai Elantra N With “Hardcore” Widebody Kit Is an Obtainable Dream

The affordable sports car market is a mess right now. Hot hatchbacks are being killed to make room for EVs, crossovers are taking over and dealer markups are strangling what’s left. $44,000 for a new Honda Civic Type R? The world has gone mad. So we figure that the Hyundai Elantra N is one of the last bargains.

Sure, it might not have the power of the Civic Type R or the insane acceleration of the Audi RS3. But it only costs just $33,000. There’s a revised version on its way, but it’s not going to have major improvements in the powertrain department, so we’re tempted to buy one of these bad boys and create a custom project using a widebody kit.

The idea of a widebody Hyundai Elantra N isn’t mainstream. For many years, Hyundai sponsored SEMA builds which have been forgotten. Hyundai doesn’t have the decades of fanbase buildup needed, as VW does in the hot hatch segment. And so the Elantra N comes ready-fitted with a bold body kit in black which contrasts against the paint.

But what if you want a widebody Elantra N?

This rendering, created by Zephyr Designz, explores the idea of a more extreme Hyundai Elantra N, treated with the same goodies as a race car or concept. While it’s strictly fictional, this kit isn’t more extreme than what’s available on 86s and Supras. It’s just that there’s no demand for such parts… yet. More on that later in the article.

The mods of this widebody are quite obvious. At the front, a new bumper has been installed, with a black mouth similar to the Audi RS3. The chin spoiler looks designed for the race track, not that Hyundai doesn’t have existing racing programs.

At the front, the fenders are all-new and include vents over the wheels, like a 911 GT3 RS. Meanwhile, the rear widebody is bolted onto the existing doors and fenders but is designed in an angular way with a section missing at the bottom, like on a drift car. The Elantra N sits much lower on some Ferrado FR8 forged wheels with sticky Yokohama Advan tires.

Alternatively, you’ll find Volk Racing TE37 also rendered here, giving the Korean car some JDM appeal. This look is finished off with a set of quad exhaust pipes and a diffuser at the back.

Where do I buy an Elantra N widebody kit?

This widebody Elantra N is strictly fictional but has the same affordable+extreme appeal as Zephyr’s Octavia RS. Renderings are one thing, but we found a few very real options that you can buy right now. Best of all, nobody knows about them!

First, we have the kit from M&S America. They’re a company out of Korea which presented a prototype a few months ago. If you don’t want to wait, here is the $3,675 widebody from Adro, which is just as interesting. Alternatively, here’s a custom project from a company called Type.B Custom. Good look trying to source it, though; we’ve reached a dead end.



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