GMC Sierra “Silvera” Is a Super-Slammed Truck on Massive Dually Wheels

Lifted or squatting trucks? Those are so yesterday, as the Internet is currently curious about slammed pickups. Case in point with this GMC Sierra, which is now part of the Silvera family, the creation of a digital artist who wishes to stand out in the widebody crowd.

While we’re all waiting for the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon this weekend, pixel master Mikolaj M (aka mick_em_all) and a few fellow artists have dreamt up a virtual car event dubbed Mashin Auto Salon, with the Chevy being one of the two machines the enthusiast prepared for the virtual show.

The Silverado sits as low as possible (more on this below), but there’s no reason to fret, as this is the result of air suspension. So, not only can the ride height be increased, but this bad boy should be able to tow like a champ.

Based on similar trucks from the real world, this crew cab toy rides on wheels that are at least 26 inches in diameter, with the dually setup at the back only adding to the spectacle. These are custom ten-lug truck wheels, whose chrome finish perfectly fits the front end conversion—the Cadillac Escalade face reminds us of the era when this lavish brand had a truck in the showroom.

As with most of the body, the super-sized fenders are covered in an electric shade of blue, while one-off heavy metal graphics complete the custom picture.

The GMC Sierra is joined by a Silvera-massaged Acura NSX

Since Mikolaj’s Silvera projects have been based on American metal so far—for instance, a previous effort of the sort revolved around a Cadillac CT6. So, in his journey, the artist decided to also include a JDM toy to the mix, hence this second-gen NSX.

The hybrid sportscar was gifted with front and rear aprons featuring carbon bits, side skirts, and a swan neck rear wing. And it’s worth noting that the styling accentuates the factory features of the gas-electric beast.

Both of them are up for the lowest of the show award unless someone makes their car clip through the floor,” the aficionado explains.



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