Ford Bronco Raptor Camper Concept Is a Natural Born Overlander in Unofficial Form

If you hear the owner of a new Ford Bronco who can’t stop talking about the native overlanding assets of the machine, that’s probably not bragging. Or at least it has a solid base, as the SUV is ready to help you spend a few nights out in the wild. Of course, many people will want to build on that, which is where proposals like the Bronco Raptor Camper CGI come into play.

Fold the rear seats of a four-door Bronco and you’ll suddenly see how the designers thought about two sleeping bags fitting in perfectly. And that’s before we include the optional slide-out tailgate, which delivers some extra leg room when the adventurers seek it.

Oh, and you’d better study your stars—don’t sweat, there are apps for that—because the retractable soft top and the optional hard tops can give you a pretty good look at the night sky. Plus, Ford’s accessories already include car tents.

Then again, if your monthly in-car camping stats (what? there must be an app for that too) goes past a certain threshold, perhaps its time to turn your vehicle into a tiny home. Cue to the Bronco Raptor Camper rendering, which brings an enthusiast’s twist on the story.

After all, the Braptor, as many fans like to call it, does pack a twin-turbo 3.0L V6 with 418 and 440 lb-ft on tap. More importantly, it’s got the kind of suspension that can allow that engine to be used for way more than asphalt drag races.

There’s plenty of (natural) light inside the Bronco Raptor Camper

Put into pixels by digital master Oscar Vargas (aka wb.artist20), the proposal places a generous structure over the vehicle, with this packing large windows—there’s one above the windshield, one on each side and a fourth unit adorning the full-size rear door. See? We weren’t kidding about the tiny house approach.

This could sound like the perfect recipe, as we’re talking about a performance off-roader that doubles as an overlanding rig with a moderate amount of features inside. And, with the aftermarket air suspension set to “low”, you may even have a chance at some Cars and Coffee fame. Not so fast, though…

Requirements for an actual build

There are a few aspects that would need further attention for the fantasy to come true. For one, Ford only builds the Bronco Raptor in four-door form. This is dictated by the specific off-roading profile (think: it’s more of a jumper than a crawler) and buyer preference (most serious spenders seem to prefer the four-door).

Then there’s the range. To use, such a machine would be best enjoyed with a generator, so one can truly go off the grid. However, given the otherwise understandable thirst of the Braptor and the added weight of the transformation, this contraption could require some extra fuel tanks.

However, if you’ve made it this far in the story, there’s a serious chance you entertain the idea—with or without the Raptor twist and the air suspension portrayed here, this camper caters to the needs of two-door Bronco owners. In fact, the artist seems to have already connected with a driver willing to convert her Bronco for overlanding duties (check out the Instagram post below).

And while it might seem a bit early in the Bronco’s life cycle for people to cut the vehicle to make it a home on wheels, we’ve seen more eccentric campers, so we wouldn’t rule it out.



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